How to Repair Bluetooth Driver Problems in HP Laptop

It has certain drawbacks related to Bluetooth driver and the reason could be any like a faulty driver. So, you can launch support assistance software.


HP is known for providing its customers with state of the art combinations of hardware and software that can fit the requirement of users of different domains. HP has evolved a lot along with the evolution of the technology in the field of hardware and software that affect the type of systems that we use in our home.

The systems are packed with the latest hardware that is available in the market. However, to use them effectively, we need a pack of software that is usually preinstalled in our system. This software is known as drivers. Though HP inculcates the best drivers in its machines than to come up with problems related to the malfunctioning of these drives is a very common issue.

The good thing is that we are here to guide you to solve all your issues regarding drivers. You can easily identify the problems related to drivers which include malfunctioning of some applications or especially the ones which used to function properly earlier, problems in some basic applications like audio output, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touchpad etc. or your operating system showing error messages at irregular intervals and much more.

A very common problem faced by many users is the problem related to the Bluetooth device. If you are also facing some problems in launching the Bluetooth application or connecting to other devices through Bluetooth, then the problem is probably due to a faulty driver. You need to follow the following basic steps to solve your driver related problems and repair your laptop.

1. Launch the support assistance software.

2. Read the product name, product number or serial number and remember it for further use.

3. Now go to the official website and go to the software and drivers tab under the support tab.

4. You will be asked to enter the product name, product number or serial number. Enter the number that you noted from the support assistance software.

5. The website will then present a list of available drivers. Go to the Driver-network tab and download the required Bluetooth driver and download it.

6. Install the driver. Your problem is fixed. Enjoy working with your Bluetooth device.

If you are still facing problems in operating your Bluetooth application, feel free to call us on our HP support helpline number 0800 090 3837. We have a team of experts on HP Support ready to help you any time to assist you in solving your problem and repair your laptop or desktop.