How To Regain The Pleasure Of Lovemaking - For Men With Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation may seem like a difficult problem to overcome, but with our simple tips, you'll soon be fulfilled during sex again.


Delayed ejaculation seems like a real mystery to most men. After all, the problem most men face during lovemaking is that of ejaculating too soon. How can it be, then, that some men find it difficult to reach the point climax, and some never ejaculate during sex?

The answer seems to be that delayed ejaculation is the result of many different factors working together or separately. For example, some men simply can't reach the point of ejaculation during sex because they learnt to masturbate using a harsh and vigourous technique during the adolescent years. As a result, their penises have become conditioned to respond only to an extremely high level of stimulation, far beyond that which is achieved during the average session of sexual intercourse. The answer for these men, the cure for delayed ejaculation, lies in finding a way in which they can retrain their body to respond to lower levels of stimulation such as those that are typical during lovemaking.

Other men seem to have a more emotional basis for delayed ejaculatory dysfunction: these are the men who find it necessary to put their partner's pleasure during sex before their own, perhaps because they have learned that the only way to please a woman is to satisfy her every need - obviously this is something that can go back as far as childhood. In adulthood the pleasing behavior can become generalised to all women, even the woman with whom a man is in a sexual relationship. Obviously, this can provoke considerable feelings of resentment, and make a man hold back on becoming intimate with his partner. His lack of ejaculation seems to mirror physically the resentment and withholding of his emotions.

A third group of men with delayed ejaculation simply seem not to be very aroused during sexual activity: even though they have hard and long-lasting erections, they just aren't very aroused, not very engaged in the idea of making love with their partners. For these men, the cure for delayed ejaculation seems to lie in a programme of sensate focus, which allows them to become much more sensitive to the stimulation that they are receiving through the touch of their partner – not just on their penis, but all over the body.

It's also clear that for a complete resolution of delayed ejaculation, there is often work to be done on the very fabric of the relationship in which a man finds himself. Often, a cure for delayed ejaculation that doesn't take into account what's going on between the partners will result in a relationship breakdown. This is because when the sexual issues are resolved, the emotional issues that have been underlying them break out into the open.

But even though many men with delayed ejaculation don't actually seek a cure, because of embarrassment and shame, the good news is that it's entirely possible to tackle all the symptoms of delayed ejaculation – both the obvious ones and the more subtle ones – using a home treatment program which avoids the necessity to visit a doctor and experience the embarrassment talking about intimate matters with him or her. You can read about one such treatment for delayed ejaculation here.