How to Organise Your Closet

A few useful tips on how to organise your closet you can't miss!


Our closets are the places where we keep all our clothes and shoes, and sometimes many different unused items which don't have any other purpose. This is a very useful space which contains the things we wear every day. Therefore, we should take a special care of it, so it can be always decluttered and useful. The biggest problem of every closet is that the people it belongs to just keep it messy and disorganised. This makes is easy to lose something in there and to not be able to find it afterwards. Knowing how to organise your closet is basic and very useful when you want to keep track of everything you have. Let's see a few tips.

Laundry. Knowing how to store the dirty and the clean laundry is a crucial skill every person who wants to keep their closet tidy should know. It's hard to keep the dirty clothes apart from the clean ones, and to be able to put everything in place after it's already been washed, but it's not impossible. In this case, the laundry baskets and bags can appear to be very useful. You'll just have to find a suitable place for them in the closet.

Donate. Many people make the mistake of storing their old clothes in the closet room. This is very wrong, because this way you don't have any free space for anything new. If you want to stay organised, you should try to sort through all your clothes and throw away or pack and donate the old ones to some local charity. This is a lot better purpose for your old stuff.

Clean and dust the closet regularly. The regular cleaning and housekeeping is the most important point when you want to keep something neat and well organized. You should create a schedule for dusting mopping and organizing the shelves and stick to it strictly. Closets gather lots of dust on a daily basis, so you need to be consistent in your actions to get rid of it.

Scarfs and belts. The different scarfs and belts people use every day are quite specific and it's not so easy to store them in your closet just like that. They always fall of the shelves and create clutter on the floor. If you want to avoid these unpleasant situations, you should consider installing a special kind of hangers or racks. After you start using such things, you'll realise that there's a lot more space on the floor of the closet.

Hooks. In many houses the people have decided to put hooks on the walls of the closet, so they'll have a place to hang their coats or hats. I think it's a very practical idea for those, who always complain that they don't have any space to hang anything.

Categorise. A very useful decision while trying to organise your closet, is to categorise and arrange everything there. You can categorise your clothes by the season or the material they were made from. You can keep all the different unused items in boxes and arrange them on a shelf or on the floor somewhere.

Store. When you have a lot of things in a very little space, it's normal to look for different ways to store the possessions you don't need right now. Many people use boxes or plastic bags for this purpose, but you can use whatever you find suitable.

After you've organised your closet, you'll find out that you have a lot more space than you thought you did.