How to Get an Ex Girl Back – What Works What Not

Trying to get an ex girl back? You still cannot accept the truth that you and your girl are no longer together.


You might have been on the lookout for help on how to get an ex girl back. You have probably been in a constant state of pain over the past few weeks or months because you still cannot accept the truth that you and your girl are no longer together. In this case, you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will learn several tips on how to get your ex back.


If you want to know how to get an ex girl back, you should start by knowing the things that you should not do.


No Begging and Pleading


Do not even think of begging and pleading with your ex. This is a sure fire way of showing that you are less than a man and you deserved to be ditched! Far from it, you should display maturity and confidence and show her that although she is no longer with you, you are able to look at things with maturity and the ability to become stronger.


Do Not Crumble Easily


If you appear miserable, pathetic, and frustrated over the breakup, your girl will start pitying you. But pity is not enough of a compulsion for her to get back to you. If she notices that your self-esteem easily crumbles in the face of difficulties, she will start thinking that you lack the personal strength to pursue her and do what is necessary for her to come back to you. Being desperate actually drives away your girlfriend more than drawing her back. If she still has some attraction for you, then this might simply vanish if you show desperation.


What should you do then to learn how to get an ex girl back?


Rectify and Put Things Right


Begin by analyzing your relationship and looking at what went wrong. This way, you can identify your mistakes and start doing something to rectify them. When you acknowledge your faults, you become stronger and better. If it were possible, list down the mistakes that you committed and start planning how to rectify them.




Apologize to your ex. Some men find it difficult to apologize; they would rather let the matter lie unresolved rather than saying sorry. If you do apologize, it sends a signal that you own responsibility for what happened. After all, forgiveness can only come after you apologize. Do not expect that everything will return to normal right away. Dealing with the past hurts and allowing healing to come is a process that might take some time.


Start Over Again


Make a commitment to start over again, however, change your tactics and refine your means of pursuing her. When she feels that she still matter to your heart, she will slowly unlock her heart and will come back to you. With this positive attitude will help you get your ex girl back. I’m sure you will agree.



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