How to Earn Back Your Ex’s Heart

Many brokenhearted people have no idea how to get their ex back. If you want to learn how to get him or her back and piece your life back together, then you should know that by finding some help you have already made the first step. You know you can’t handle this task on your own. However, all the advice in the world and research you do won’t get him or her back so long as you don’t put it to good use. You need to know what works when you are striving to earn back your lover’s heart.


The very first thing you need to do is to cut off any sort of contact with your ex. This is important to do when trying to win them back. It may seem ridiculous to do but understand that if you want him or her back, it’s not a forever deal. Just break the contact for a time period of a month. Believe it or not, doing this can increase your chances of earning back your lover’s heart.


When a breakup occurs, a person generally needs a break from the other person but unless you separate completely, it’s rather futile. The complete impact of the breakup is not felt when you see the person or talk with the person on a regular basis. The person who separated from you may find themselves wondering why they even did that in the first place. With a month long hiatus, loneliness, despair and the feeling of something missing will hit. Thus, making both persons open to the idea of reconciliation.



The No Contact rule works for you as well. It keeps you from making a fool of yourself by begging. It keeps you from yelling or saying things you otherwise would not have said if he or she hadn’t been around. It is normal for emotional stress to make people prone to flare-ups. It is a part of life after all.


So for your sake of achieving of your goal, resist the temptation of contacting your ex. You must adhere to this rule. What does no contact means? It means you cannot call them, email them, text messaging them or be where they are at (if this can be helped). If you let the rule slide, everything you worked hard to get will backfire and possibly ruin your chances of winning them back


Now that you are separated and have broken off contact, what do you do? There are many things you can do but three more important ones are:


(1)  Do the things you used to with people who care about you including friends and family. Doing this helps you in the process of rebuilding your life.


(2)  Try doing something different. If you have long hair, you may want to cut it off. Try dyeing it if you want. Get a membership to a gym and get back in shape. If your money allows, get some new clothing. Try do something you ordinarily wouldn’t do can make you feel good about yourself.


(3)  Visit the dating scene. Get back into the scene and see what is out there. You don’t have to date anyone or even begin a new relationship. Any worthwhile attention, however, does your self esteem some good.


You have to remember that staying active can help you overcome the breakup faster. Yet, once the month is up, you better have some sort of plan that allows you to earn back your lover’s heart. If you go in without some sort of plan, you are only setting yourself up for a second heartache.


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