How to Decipher Men’s Code Of Thought on Dating

You are speechless, not knowing what to say or what to ask. Then comes the final blow…the guy says the reason for the breakup is him and not you.


You are in a relationship where all seems hunky dory and you think that life will be such a beautiful song. This is until the day you get a shock… your guy walks up to you and says things have to end. You are speechless, not knowing what to say or what to ask. Then comes the final blow…the guy says the reason for the breakup is him and not you.

Don’t you flinch at the mention of that line? After all, you don’t know what to make of it. They truth is, no matter what he is saying, you are the reason. It is just that the man doesn’t know how to say it to your face. Their system of thoughts, words and actions is totally disorganized. They say one thing and mean something entirely different.

It is a difference in perspectives and that makes this difference so stark. Consider the situation of a man wanting to stay home instead of going out and a woman wanting to do likewise. What do you think they both end up doing? It is no-brainer that the man will watch TV, drink beer or play a TV game. The woman will end up cleaning, do some cooking and update her to-do list. Does this help you to see the big picture?

Now the real question arises… how can you really know what he means? The key is to pay attention and to make a mental note of his most deviant sentences from their meanings. Over a period of time with careful study, you are sure to succeed in the domain of knowing what men mean when they say something. To get you initiated, here is a list of a few typical statements from men with their meanings all decoded.

What Does He Mean When He Say…

Statement 1 – “I need sometime before taking this relationship to the next level”
Answer 1 - Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship that rocks? It’s no different for men as it is for women. Men want a woman who is not just physically attractive but also capable of understanding their emotional needs. A little bit of humor, fun-streak and independence is always most appreciated. Above all, a little common sense tops men’s wish list. If the above-mentioned statement was made, search yourself for the lack of these qualities.

Statement 2 – “I want to be free for sometime”
Answer 2 – This statement should ring bells and alarm you. After all, a man’s freedom from you will only give way to a date with another woman not many days later. If this statement is made, it means you certainly are falling short on the qualities he is looking for.

Statement 3 – “I like independent women”
Answer 3 – This statement is a bit tricky. You might think he wants you to have a good job with a good bank balance. That’s not the case, however. What he’s talking about is a woman who doesn’t bother him with small issues. The man wants a woman who will let him be even as she knows exactly when he wants her there.

Each one of these statements is tricky and there are many more confusing statements floating around in the relationship world. The trick is in catching a couple of these at a time and then decoding them. Never forget to carry along the gist with you at all times.  Visit for more powerful strategies that will help you create and sustain a great relationship.