How to Deal With Yourself First to Impress Your Ex

Coping with a relationship break up is never easy. The pain and the emptiness felt are so great that people tend to get depressed after the break. Don't get depressed rather try to impress your ex and make him realize his folly in leaving you. Many try to drown themselves in drugs; alcohol, sleeping pills etc. and some try to eat their pain by over eating chocolates and ice creams. What they don't realize is that no amount of eating and drinking can actually take their mind off the pain of a break up.

Accepting the facts honestly and trying to find a solution as to whether to move on or try to get your ex back is what is needed. So why should you impress your ex? Whether you want him back or not don't try to destroy yourself. Try to keep healthy and look good. It is undefined you will loose your self esteem and confidence after the break up. Beware of the fact that when you drown yourself in such mean activities your ex might be enjoying his life with another date or might turn out to hate you more for what you are doing to yourself.

Stop Self Destruction
You have had enough of over eating and drunken days so stop it right away. Get yourself a total makeover. Look good, feel good and act smart. Brush off your gloom and bathe in a new sense of freedom. Being dependant on someone is what had brought you to such bad state. So despise it, hate it and be free of bondage. Eat healthy, dress sensibly and look great. Not only will you feel much better but you will also make others look back at you with respect and reverence. Even your ex might start looking at you with a new attitude and might even think twice whether his decision of breaking up was right or wrong.

Self Love is undefined Love
Love yourself for what you are and this self love will truly establish itself in whatever you do. When your self esteem is high you will never look back and always keep yourself happy whatever the state of your relationship. Your courage and confidence in life increases and you will never get into any emotional bondage and will try to leave back your past and move on in life. Moreover when you love yourself you won't care much about others loving you or paying attention to you. You won't think of doing silly things just to try to get their attention or impress your ex. It becomes secondary and less important.

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