How to be clever, "have the wisdom"?

You need to ask yourself: do you really want it, because without a burning desire it's pointless.


You need to ask yourself: do you really want it, because without a burning desire it's pointless. Than you need to make a decision (this may sound ridiculous and obvious, but there are some actions behind it & material on a separate article [["write it..","expert label","say everyone" and 4 more). Perfect thing would be also to set a topic. You don't want to know all knowledge on all topics in this world (ex. "kayaking"), right?

SET yourself a daily goal: "read xxx", "watch xxx" time at least, but it can't be a false/unbreakable limit. You set for yourself all, depended on needs. It must be a pleasure to you and you need to be satisfied about the whole process of finding/knowing new things. You must also question all. You need to re-create yourself, put habits which would allow the process make. According to the law of gaining – seed to seed; everyday learning, all life.

Huge impact on proccess has diet and that: everything which you read, it doesn't works if you read it once. Personally, I can readsingle book even 10 times / year in various intervals. Those last 2 points are the most important and work only when connected. That's the true secret. To be honest, being clever is not enough. Look at those all "smart" guys on the universities who earn shit and are considered as a "smart". After learning 1h take a 10 min. break – remember. Do studying new things/learning only when you feel the need or desire awaken.

I for example: could learn something 4 days in a row without sleep (on drugs), but could only do 7h daily, 5h even – depends. I could also drink 1 week and don't care about anything. It's hard to me to DON'T LEARN every day, anything, it's like an obsession. JUST CAN'T REFUSE, an INNER MUST. It's not even that I want to, but I need: like an air.

It's far different from putting myself into 'master' or something, most people would rather think it as an idiot or crazy. Fine. What I wanted to put though you that if you don't feel the need (just don't feel – so simple) to do so only that: it would be good toor you should just stop – you need to think more about it. You must find a different path. It's impossible to do something against yourself, even if you can stand somethings very long (this is explained in the spirituality and desires section inside). You have to do something you don't like, but we're talking here about the long-term. The highest nightmare of all I've experienced is the wrong job and fear of lack of money, draft that you would die if you don't go to it. I've faced this, 1 year put whole my life energy to make a change.

I faced the problem alone, I understand that there are some people that have/experience the similar and would like to give themworking ready solutions and advices, plan to do so, as fast as possible. Me also understands that work, especially long could kill you – for me even working 2-3 days a week was so nightmare that I've almost died on though: "work" (where I worked) [ read here more ]. You would be ready to face that in 4 month: membership. put efforts to speed it up, but you need to know at least not even basics and implement all from the beginning. I personally know that by getting everything faster, you could establish new business with ready plans/get new job, but you would end in that same shit to be honest. After understanding and change (huge change) patterns of thinking and action you could transform into never stoping increasing everyday happiness.

If you want only to be clever or be spot as 'the clever one' by friends/girls punch yourself into a head with something hard – really hard. You can also read a book: '100 english words to make your talk smart'. Not sure if the first would help.

Wisdom = Experience + Reflection
DID YOU KNOW: "It takes at least, min. 10 years to you become an expert in particular category"



Source: Andrzej Jeziorski