How to Add Audio to a Website

Being a business person, you've put a lot of effort to make your website look beautiful. You’ve spent a lot of time mapping out a website to be responsive, created a beautiful design with great photos, etc.  Guess what will make it better? Have you thought about how it sounds? YES! The judicious use of sound will make a huge difference. Here’s how you add audio to website.


Sound is an excellent way to stand out from the competition, helps to attract visitors to your website, and builds an emotional connection with your brand. Another plus point is audio can even help with SEO rankings when used in the right way. In short, learn how to add audio for a better experience.



Here are some options for embedding audio on a website:


  • Audio Hosting
  • Add an Audio Widget On Duda
  • Use Html5
  • Add Javascript

So, you can use these ways to add audio (voiceover and/or music) to your website like Widget, Spokestoons, HTML, or Javascript. It’s not that difficult. You can just simply add the desired audio file to your website using a widget. Adding a widget is also an easy task. To add audio to website free, all you need to do is order a voiceover or music for your website, and upload the audio file to your web host. The second option you have is using HTML. You can do it even if you are not technically that strong. You can effortlessly add the desired audio to a website by editing your site’s HTML code. What will you do, just code audio into your website with the HTML5 <audio> element. Note, if you’re going to code a file into a website instead of using the Duda widget, it is recommended to use JavaScript. It is other go-to option for this. The best part is JavaScript provides you more control to make sure that the audio is integrated well into the website.


All in all, it’s not a daunting task to add audio to website. You can simply do it in simple easy ways. Do it, and notice the difference yourself. For help, contact the professionals!