How Push Notifications Boost Customer Acquisition Ratio For Your Food Delivery App


Living in a fast-paced environment and digital world, we can not deny that food ordering apps have changed our eating habits and changed our food preferences and whatnot. Today, if we want to change our taste-buds, we have a plethora of options. Irrespective of size and distance, people can now enjoy delicious meals at their homes without that much hassle, and this is why the usage of food delivery apps is increasing.


Restaurant owners are transforming their business and going mobile as it allows them to engage with thousands of customers together. If you want to increase the customer acquisition ratio, the push notification technique will help you to reach your audience. Push notifications are not similar to text, but it is a new marketing tool through which you can effectively communicate with your customers.


What Is A Push Notification

Not only for the food industry but push notifications are used across all the industries today because they are helping them maintain engagement with their customers. According to Business Insider, push notifications are more effective than email marketing because it has the maximum open rate near 90%.


Push notification is a communicating channel that can reach audiences anytime, anywhere. Usually, it helps customers to make some buying decisions. Push notifications can be effective when it comes to:


  • To promote product/services
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention
  • It keeps customers updated with the new offers and promotions
  • Helps to grab user’s attention

If you are having a restaurant and want to revamp your food business by introducing a similar solution like foodpanda, push notification will turn your potential customers into active ones, and app downloads will increase dramatically.


Why Use Push Notification For Your Food Delivery App

When people are looking for a delicious meal to enjoy on weekends, push notifications will help them satisfy their hunger. It is the technique through which you can stay connected with your users and communicate with them on a personal level.


For instance, customers have added dished to their cart but left without any purchases, push notifications alert buyers, and improve the retargeting CTR. Food ordering apps using push notifications have a 25% higher open rate and an 80% higher retention rate. By sending push notifications at the right time, customers will keep using your app and place more orders from your restaurants online.


Hence, you need to develop a good and robust push notification strategy, ideally once in a week, you can send notifications because sending too much will reduce your brand image. Weekends, festive days are a sweet spot to send notifications. It will drive you more profit and traffic.


From the above discussion, we can surely say that push notification is a powerful marketing technique that will help business owners to increase customer retention rates. It might turn inefficient if applied wrongly. Thus, it would be advisable for food delivery app owners to have a clear understanding of how to manage this marketing technique and achieve several goals at once.