How No Communication is Key to Getting Your Ex Back

Taking time for yourself after heartbreak allow you to mature in a way you didn’t know you could. Have you heard of the saying, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”..


It makes sense that when you want to get back with your ex you should constantly show him how you’re changing and what you’re doing in your life to show that you’re making yourself better for him, right? That may make sense but love isn’t a rational thing and the better solution to getting your ex back is to cut off all communication for a while.

It would seem that no communication would backfire on you but it actually makes perfect sense. How so? A relationship requires making several deep connections. When those connections are severed, the mind and body doesn’t know how to react. Emotions are still there but you don’t know how to express them because your outlet has been taken from you. There are two rational solutions: cut off all power (emotions) or try to find the outlet so you can express those emotions again. Again, love isn’t rational.

Like an electrician caps off exposed wires, you need to cap off your emotions. Put a guard on them and let your heart and self start to heal. If you continue to expose yourself you’re only going to hurt someone - and that’s most likely to be yourself.

Taking time for yourself after heartbreak will allow you to grow and mature in a way you didn’t know you could. You may have heard of the saying, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, well, a breakup isn’t going to kill you; therefore, it will only make you stronger.

Also, by severing all communication, your ex is going to get the time he needs to wrap up any loose end wires he may have felt were exposed and need to be capped. Or he may realize that the connection he had with you was a brilliant connection and he’ll want you back. He won’t be able to realize this if you’re constantly around zapping him with your exposed emotions.

In the end it is very likely that he’ll be kicking himself for letting you go and he’ll want that connection you shared before. You’ll both be able to take the caps off your emotions so they can be intertwined to create a powerful connection.

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