How Much does A Diamond Bracelet Cost?

The cost of elegantly crafted diamond bracelets varies from pattern to pattern. Based on the number of stones and the metal used, one can determine what’s the worth of the jewelry.

Tennis bracelets and diamond bangles have a separate fan base! You are not alone who just drools over the timeless elegance and sophisticated beauty of charming diamond bracelets. The simple accessory can transform your look completely. It makes a great gift option and women of all age groups just adore the look of a simple and elegant bracelet. Today there are endless design options available in the market that can confuse anyone.


If you are searching for designer bracelets for the first time hen knowing the right price band is equally important. Knowing the average price ensures that you are making a quality purchase.  In this post, we will discuss how to check the quality of a bracelet and what is the average cost of a diamond bracelet.




How to Check the Quality of A Bracelet?


While paying for jewelry assessing its quality is important to confirm that it’s worth the price tag attached to it. Basically, there are two factors to determine the price of a bracelet, a. the quality of diamonds, b. the quality of the metal.


The beauty of the diamonds studded on the bracelet can be assessed by the standards 4Cs criteria. Besides a quality piece is easily distinguished based on the finish of the stone setting. The stones should sit flush against the metal chain, to ensure smooth touch and longevity.


Another aspect of quality assessment for a bracelet is the metal used in it. Based on the options of shine, finish and durability, options are many including gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and sterling silver.


What is the Cost of A Diamond Bracelet?


Getting an estimate is quite difficult for the vast range of diamond fashion bracelets. The price basically depends on several factors, such as the number of diamonds used in it and the metal used for the chain. If you pick a bracelet where the stones are studded all across the chain the price is obviously going to be higher than a bracelet with only one studded portion. Additionally, platinum chains are expensive than gold or sterling silver.




You can find a bracelet under $3000 and if your budget allows, the cost can go anywhere around $30000. Hence, it can be said that while shopping for bracelets or fashion bangles, focus on personal preferences rather than the price tag.


What are the Latest Trends for Diamond Bracelets?


The extremely popular range of bracelets includes David Yurman Bracelets, tennis bracelets, statement bracelets, stacking bracelets, infinity bracelets, cuff bracelets and stone studded diamond bangles. Mixed metals are trending for bracelet designs and rose gold is a hit for those who are searching for a minimalistic design suitable for everyday wear.


Final Words


A bracelet or designer bangles are some of the best jewels to let you stand out among the crowd. The cost of the bracelet depends on the diamond studded on it. However, stylish wrist jewelry is so versatile that finding a quality piece is totally worth it.


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