How Easy It Gets Ordering Customized Rubber Bracelets In Bulk Online

Looking for a great fundraiser? Then maybe rubber bracelets are just the thing to promote awareness. Custom-printed rubber bracelets are a hit nowadays. These rubber bracelets usually carry colorful designs and names and slogans that relate to a certain cause. There are so many causes out there that these bracelets have been used on already.

These rubber bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors. There?s this pantone chart wherein you can choose from a wide array of colors. You can even request for glow in the dark rubber bracelets. See how great these things are?

These rubber bracelets are cheap to make but in return they can be off great value for your fundraiser or for your cause. Hundreds of fundraisers have used rubber bracelets to promote their cause. Take the Lance Armstrong Foundation for example. They can also be used to promote your brand, company, band, or anything under the sun. Rubber bracelets can also help promote your school pride. Those are just some examples of uses of the rubber bracelets.

There are three types of rubber bracelets, imprinted, debossed, and embossed. Imprinted bracelets will have your message imprinted on the rubber bracelets. Debossed bracelets, on the other hand, will have your message recessed or engraved on the bracelets. They are similar to popular ?Livestrong? rubber bracelets. Lastly, embossed bracelets? message will be raised instead of engraved.

These rubber bracelets come in three sizes, adult, medium and youth. Adult bracelets will have a circumference of 202mm. The medium bracelets will have a circumference of 190mm, and the youth bracelet will have a circumference of 180mm.

Prices of the rubber bracelets will tend to be cheaper as you shift from one price break to the other. The reason behind this is that if you order more bracelets, the mold fees and other set-up fees will be distributed to each additional rubber bracelet.


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