The Hot Stone Massage In Auckland Was The Highlight Of My Trip

I was visiting my sister after a year and I couldn’t be more excited about my trip! There was so much I was looking forward to after a year of being closed up across the country because of the pandemic. 


My trip was going just fabulous and my sister was talking to me about a massage parlour in Auckland. She kept going on about it and how amazing their massages are and how it is what true relaxation feels like. I was intrigued and suggested why not try it out. 


I mean, that’s what trips are for, right? Relaxing and chilling and enjoying it! So we stopped by at HealthCure Massage Botany one day. 


The hot stone massage in Auckland was fab!


They had a list of services and massages that were offered and I wanted to try out all to be honest. But I think the one I had always wanted to give a shot was the hot stone therapy. 


So I settled down on the comfy massage table and the therapist started with the application of some oil. They then began by placing the hot stones on my spine and continued massaging the oil. 


I must say, this massage parlour in Auckland was too good! I mean, the relaxation was next level. The physiotherapist actually knew their way around the body, which joints could tolerate how much pressure and which were sensitive. 


HealthCure Massage Botany was just what I needed! 


Guys, I am just going to say this. Treat yourself and avail yourself of the massages here because it is impossible not to experience rejuvenation once you give it a try. It is very important to once in a while have your body massaged and let the oils do their job. 




I thoroughly enjoyed my massage in Highland Park because it was one of those truly relaxing experiences. 


My sister got herself a foot reflexology massage


My sister has always been a huge believer in the whole energy principle and how the body is connected via invisible lines. The foot reflexology massage was just what she needed to help her relax. 


She was elated with the professionalism with which her massage was done and the relaxation she felt later. 


We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at our massage in Highland Park.