Here's How to Win Your Ex Back Even if You've Been a Jerk

There are a number of radical changes you will need to take and some of the steps that will help you in winning back your ex.


Let's face the hard facts. If you have been a jerk, then you do not really deserve your ex. So, if you would like know how to win your ex back, there are a number of radical changes you will need to take. You will therefore need to assess yourself honestly in order to determine the areas you need to work on. Here are some of the steps that will help you how to win your ex back.

Transform your attitude

Perhaps there is a way in which you have been looking down upon your mate. You should not look down on the opposite sex in any way. You should realize that your ex deserves respect. Then you need to be prepared to give this respect when you get a second chance.
It is also important for you to transform the way you have been treating your ex. You need to know how to make your mate feel special.

You should employ discreet methods that won't draw attention to what you are doing. If you give any impression that you are merely involved in a side show, then you should not expect to succeed in your efforts of winning back your ex.

Be humble

Although this may seem to be quite easy to do, many people have problems with being humble.

Being humble is important in accepting your wrongs, which is necessary in order to bring healing. For instance, your ex may throw quite a volley of expletives at you. You should be able to accept this without going on the defensive. Accept that you have indeed been a jerk. This will not only show that you are being honest but also that you respect the opinion of your ex.

Find out what your ex wants

It is important to determine how your ex really feels. You may find that you will make a greater impact by giving your ex some space. You may have to contact those who are close to your ex.

It is also important to let these friends know that you are truly a changed person. Winning their trust is a major door opener that you should not take for granted.

Show, don't tell

Simply telling your ex of your change of attitude won't suffice to mend the broken fences. Let your actions speak for themselves.

Have long range goals

If you want to avoid getting into a vicious cycle, then you should picture your relationship in the long term.

These measures will help to transform you from a jerk to a gentleman, and hence be able to win your ex back. visit for more information.