Qualtec Offers Best Working at Heights Instructor Course

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Qualtec is one institute that has been offering certified end user as well as instructor courses to the enthusiasts who are interested in the health and safety programs. The institute was established in the year 1992 and has good experience in delivering courses in the best quality and standards that would be helpful for the learners to equip with the best knowledge and skill to excel in their field. Qualtec is in fact the first institute to become approved by FETAC to deliver manual handling course, people moving instructor course and Level 6 training and evaluation courses. Over a period, the institute has been recognised as the best centre offering PHECC courses in different domains for one to choose a program. Those who are interested in working at heights instructor course can find Qualtec offering the best program with the right resources and qualified instructors to deliver the course. The prerequisites to join this course the candidates need to a have good understanding of both written and oral English along with having completed the QQL level 6 training qualification especially if they want to become an instructor on a commercial basis.
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The working at heights instructor course helps the learners equip with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to instruct people on safe working at heights following the harness and lanyard systems and ensure they qualify for this process. This course covers content that includes understanding about the legislation in relation to health and safety and about working at heights and lifting equipment inspection and certification process. The instructors shall be able to define the working at heights definition and educate the learners on ladder safety awareness, working safely on roofs, safety precautions working on roofs and at heights from MEWPS. The instructors shall also be able to create awareness to the end users about scaffolding, excavations in relation to working at heights and about fall arrest and fall restraint systems. They shall also be able to equip the end users about assessing risk working at heights and managing rescue plans and suspension trauma. The instructor shall not only be able to deliver the course successfully but shall also be able to conduct the inspection, auditing and certification of harness/lanyard systems to GA1 standards.

On completion of this course the instructor should undergo an assessment before being certified as an instructor to deliver the working at heights course. The course fee is very much affordable, and one can book their seat for the course online.
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