Healthy Ways to Get Your Ex to Notice You and Back in Your Arms

There are two ways to maintain a healthy outlook after a breakup, these two things will help you strengthen and will look good when your ex sees you next. What are they?


How many times can you handle rejection?  If you think you can cope with being turned down time and time again, then, by all means, continue trying to get your ex back through constant contact, pleading and begging to be taken back.  However, if you want a healthy return into a relationship that doesn’t show you as desperate or only get your ex back because he/she felt sorry for you, continue reading this article.

There are two ways to maintain a healthy outlook after a breakup.  Granted, you’re still going to feel hurt and possibly a void, but these two things will help you strengthen and will look good when your ex sees you next.  What are they?  Maintain your physical and social appearance.

Physical health is the same after a breakup as it is before:  you need to eat healthy and exercise.  While it may seem pointless at the time, maintaining your physical health is beneficial.

How does this help you?  When you work out you’re going to start feeling better about yourself.  Your body naturally releases chemicals that make your brain sense a positive feeling which means your outlook on the world will be better as well as how you see yourself.  Not to mention, exercising is a great distraction from letting your mind wander.  If you need a little motivation, just think how your ex is going to relax the next time he/she sees you.

Maintaining a healthy social life is good for you, too, because it also serves as a distraction as well as a boost to your self-confidence when you surround yourself with people you love and that love you. Friends and family are going to be supportive and recognize your pain.  They shouldn’t, however, allow you to wallow in your grief or let you repress all your feelings.  They’ll be able to help you have a healthy balance between your grief and happiness.

As you continue living after a breakup, you’ll realize that if you follow these two things, you’re going to feel better.  You’ll be able to think clearer when the time comes to planning on how to get your ex back.  You’ll gain a healthy outlook on life and yourself.  You’ll become a better person because you’ll understand that you have control over your own life.  Your ex will also see all of this.  He/she will even come to respect you more.

What you should avoid is letting the breakup rule your life.  Emotion will take over if it can but you have the power to keep it behind bars long enough to gain poise over your situation.  Feeling emotion isn’t bad but letting it dictate what you do could be crippling. Here's this site you can check it out: