Portability of TrueCoverage's Health Insurance



With health insurance portability, policyholders can shift their old health insurance policies to a new health insurance provider in no time. This feature protects the policyholders from the health insurance companies that take their customers for granted. The portability offers flexibility to the people. Moreover, people get better options while choosing a new health insurance policy. 


Health insurance portability allows a person to change their existing Affordable Health Insurance Minnesota to a better one. On top of that, with this step, they do not lose their old benefits from the previous policy too. 

Some of the factors that play a significant role behind porting of health insurance are:

  •  Late reimbursements 
  • The hike in the premium of the claim. 
  •  Does not cover all the health issues. 
  • The conditions are not transparent.
  • The service quality is poor.
  • The claim settlement takes a lot of time. 
  • Co-payment clauses.
  • Better deals from other insurance providers.
  • Want to move to another company that offers personalized services. 

Now that we know why people might port out their health insurance to a new provider. Let's see what the portability rules of Truecoverage's health insurance policy are:


Policy Types

A person can port the same kind of policy. If you do not like the reimbursement factor of your previous health insurance policy, you can switch to Truecoverage's reimbursement plans. But the thing is, it has to be reimbursed. However, you can port individual or family policies. 


Type of the Company

The person with health insurance from a general or specialized insurance company can port to Truecoverage health insurance. 

Any insurance company does not own Truecoverage. They are certified partners of the Healthcare.gov marketplace. 


The policy of Renewal

The portability is allowed within the current policy renewal time, not in an in-between period. The holder of the health insurance policy must renew the policy without any interruption. If the health insurance company delays, then it won't be considered discontinuity. The portability will continue.


Disease waiting-period

If somebody applies for an increase in the cover policy, they need to serve the disease waiting period. If the primary insurer has a three-year disease waiting period, then you have to serve it. Also, if your new insurer has four years waiting-period, you have to serve that one additional year.


The insured sum 

A person can opt for an increase in the sum of the insurance. But this factor depends on the policies they are choosing to port. They also need to check the rules related to this whether the new company allows it or not. But one thing is Truecoverage provides policyholders the equal amount of sum that they used to get in their previous old policy. 


Bonuses and premium

According to company norms, the insurer will charge a person, so the premiums may not remain the same for similar coverage. If you are a person who falls into the high-risk category, then you have to pay high premiums. Buy Affordable Health Insurance Minnesota.


Reasons Behind the Rejection of the Portability requests are

  •  Information about the person is not transparent. 
  • The policyholder took a long time to submit their documents. 
  • The claim history of the person is poor. If a person makes multiple claims in a short period, then insurers suspect them. 
  • Documents from the previous policy are essential. So if a person can not show that document, they are not eligible for the porting process. Policy document from the previous three years is pivotal. 
  • A break in the policy renewal process. 
  • While porting a policy, there can not be significant differences in the inclusions, exclusions, and other features because huge differences may cause a problem in switching to a new policy. 

Documents necessary for portability of the health insurance

  1. Policy certificates from the previous years. 
  2. Renewal notice for the continuation of the coverage. 
  3. No claim cases.
  4. The investigation report, a summary of discharge.



The portability of health insurance is beneficial for many people. It opens many options for anybody who needs a valid health insurance policy for their family. Keeping this in mind, Truecoverage provides thousands of plans to the policyholders. 


They recommend the best policy plans that are accurate for your need.

They take customer problems into account and offer a free consultation without any charge.


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