Have You Thought About Committing Suicide?

The act of committing suicide becomes a transient act of ending one’s misery, harboring on a glimmer of hope to “be awaken” in an unknown place that worth risking one’s life for.


“When one’s life is at the end of the road, there seems only one way to exit, that is to exit this life altogether” Such is the constant thought of those who have not seen light in the face of adversity, but only darkness; complete darkness haunted with fear, insecurity and utter hopelessness. The act of committing suicide thus becomes a transient act of ending one’s misery, harboring on a glimmer of hope to “be awaken” in an unknown place that worth risking one’s life for.


Is life meant to be a gruesome and painful tribulation to test one’s resiliency towards its cruelty? And when every ounce of energy is used up to fight the battle, the last breath is to be ended by taking one’s own life? To many of us, these questions seem irrelevant. Of course, who would have thought of these when we are counting the many blessings poured into our lives and for one moment, we have forgotten to empathize the faces of the less fortunate, where storm hit them unexpectedly, leaving shattered lives to find its pieces on the ground where living together are the blessed and overly indulged.


For those who know too well, the remaining days left to fend for 5 hungry little children while crying every night holding your spouse’s urn; the smell of death approaching you when your body finally surrender to its’ deadliest disease, the sudden financial plague that causes massive destruction like the hurricane, or having to let the mirror reminds you of the permanent incapability caused by a teenager who drank too much on the night he broke off with his puppy love. For these people, the reality of living or ending their lives hence becomes a critical decision to make, with every breath, a chance of survival.  


None of us is prepared to come face to face with our enemy that threatens our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Be it a financial crisis, a critical disease, the death of a loved one or a life that reaches the limit of suffering the abuse from others, the so-called “enemy”, come tearing down every door of your life; invading your once comfortable and secure living ground. And yet, you may not know that the sole intention of your enemy is never to kill you; and if you choose to commit suicide, you are the killer of your own life!


Think for a moment the many times when you have been loved, cared for and blessed. Think also for a moment the times when you soared high above many others who were struggling to even lift their wings to reach a better destiny. Having tasted the sweetness of life that comes with hard work and determination, life was indeed blissful. By the time your life is taking a complete turn of event, why is the thought of committing suicide, where in former days, a distant thought, now becomes a ticking clock, pounding on you every second? We were never made to leap in joy in good times only but also to dance in tears and hopefulness, singing victory songs during the tribulation period. Because shortly after every thunder storm, the sun will rise with beam of light to pierce through every dark clouds of ours!


Try for a moment to empathize the devastation face by a spouse, mother, father, sister, brother or even children when someone they love commit suicide. Who can withstand the agonizing pain of such tragedy? Each person has a name, a life story, a time to be born and a time to die as intended by God’s timing. No one can understand the depth of suffering for those who have journeyed with the person. What are left behind are not good memories, but feelings of tremendous guilt and bitterness on themselves for not saving that person’s life. If you are contemplating suicide, do you want to end your life tragically, leaving your loved one to mourn for you for their entire lifetime?


Do not be silent when you are going through a tough time. Seek immediate help from others. Be it family members, friends or social welfare organizations, help is within reach. If you sail alone in the Pacific Ocean, the last thing you want to happen is to sink deep into the sea bed, leaving no trace of you being alive or dead. You must first realize that not a single person you know will ever allow you to sail alone! Be strong and courageous to silence the whispering voices that deceive you to end your life once and for all. Your life did not begin at your will; thus, you have no right to end it. Just as you realize your life is coming to an end, listen to a more sovereign and powerful voice telling you “I purposed you to live even when all else fails, your life was never a mistake, take refuge in my pavilion and I will deliver you” Who can speak such magnificent words other than our creator of life.