For beginners, Martin recommends Starting Strength or Stuart McRobert’s Beyond Brawn. For those of an intermediate strength level, he recommends Reverse Pyramid training using heavy weight and high intensity. From the examples I’ve seen, he generally has clients organize their 3 lifting days into the 3 compound lifts, squat, bench and deadlift while making sure squat and deadlift are on opposite ends of the training week. Reverse pyramid isn’t something new, or Martin’s invention. Your 5-8 (depending on exercise) rep max, and once you hit your reps for that exercise at that weight, you increase the weight next week by 2.5-5%. For your next set(s), you drop back 10% (or if doing a 3rd set, 20% for the 3rd), and increase reps by 1. One thing that Martin stresses is appropriate rest periods in the area of 3-4 minutes between sets, and 5 minutes between exercises. If you aren’t a client, and aren’t beyond Starting Strength in regard to figuring out what exercises work for you and your goals, this probably isn’t for you and likely why he recommends Starting Strength to begin with.

Training Example
This example is based on what I’m doing. You will want to read the Leangains guide for additional configurations that include fasted training to find what works for YOU.

Deadlift Day (Monday)
Warm up deadlift
Deadlift x up to 5
Deadlift-10% x reps + 1
Weighted Chins(done once you can hit 8 chinups) x up to 6-8
Weighted Chins-10% x reps + 1
Weighted Chins-10% x reps + 1 (or Chins-20% x reps +1)
Pendlay rows (5x3) weight is sets across

Bench Day (Wednesday)
Warm up bench
Bench x up to 6-8
Bench-10% x reps + 1
Bench-20% x reps + 1
Military Press x up to 6-8
Military Press-10% x reps + 1
Weighted Dips(done once you can hit 8 dips) x up to 6-8
Weighted Dips-10% x reps + 1
Weighted Dips-20% x reps + 1
Tricep Rope Pulldowns (8x2)

Squat Day (Friday)
Warm up squats
Squat x up to 5
Squat-10% x reps + 1
Leg curls (6-8x3)
Kneeling Cable Crunches x up to 6-8
Kneeling Cable Crunches-10% x reps + 1