Grooming Supplies - Clipping and Trimming For The Finishing Touch


Not everyone needs to trim their horse, and if you don't enter a show ring very often, trimming and trimming may not seem very important. But most horses look better, and even feel better, with a little cleaning around the edges, especially in the winter months. Trimming around your horse's face and legs will not only make him look good, but you can also make keeping him healthy and comfortable that much easier. A good trimmer set in your horse grooming supplies makes this job easy to do.


Long hairs under your horse's chin can easily get caught in halter straps and bridles, and most riders can recall catching snout hairs more than once when attaching a bit or curb chain.


These hairs have a purpose. The hairs on the snout help your horse find small bits of food, and the hairs on the long jaws draw water from the face in rain and snow. Still, if your horse has work to do, you can trim these loins for comfort and appearance, without losing the natural benefits. Most horses today will not need the hairs under the jaw, because they are not exposed to prolonged periods in wet weather. And for those who are, you can be sure that no horse will appreciate the muddy icicles that can form under its chin if those hairs are not cut. You can safely trim jaw hairs below the jaw, making bridle tightening easier and your horse is more comfortable without pinched hairs. Leaving longer hairs on the sides of the face will wash away the water, but if it is dry, showing, or your horse is in a stable, you can also shorten them.


Cutting the back of the leg is more sensitive. Again, if your horse lives, or spends a lot of time in wet muddy conditions, these hairs can help draw water away from the heels, where it can lead to sores and infections. But these hairs can cause problems. If your horse has a lot of hair, or 'feathers', they can become matted with ice and mud, and if they never get dry, water can get trapped around the sensitive areas of the heel.


If you are showing, or your horse is in a stable, you can cut these hairs. This is one of the most effective techniques for making any horse look neater! But if you do, you need to make sure to clean and dry your horse's heels regularly. If you want to tidy up your 건마 (dry horse) but leave some protection, you can remove the long hairs at the back of the barrel and leave a small tuft on the giblet. This leaves a small channel to carry water away from the heel, but allows you to easily wash and dry the area and prevents mud and ice from accumulating on the hairs.


oozing Wahl, Oster, or Andes clippers is a good idea. These important supplies or nail clippers will give you a good warranty, a safe product, and replacement blades that will be easy to come by. Most of these vendors offer a variety of accessories and blades so you can ensure you have the right tools for each job in your horse grooming supplies.