Greg Oran Watson - A brief history


In 1985 Greg claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine. It didn't work as expected and left a string of around 25 betrayed investors who were not refunded.


"Greg Watson has been totally unresponsive. Over the last year or so I have made many unsuccessful efforts to contact him. (I am among the hopeful fools who sent him money for a SMOT kit.) Good luck getting your reputation back Mr. Watson." - CHRIS KUELZOW - Wed, 01 Dec 1999


Around 2005 Greg started a company Green and Gold Energy (GGE) selling an exciting new solar panel technology called the SunCube (originally SunBall). 
"We expect the SunBall to be available in Australia from Feb 2006 and in the US from mid 2006."



Greg aka BB displaying his solar suncube invention on TodayTonight 5 yrs ago:


His few proofs of product development such as photos and video were revealed to be simplistic and unsophisticated. 
He was unable to ever demonstrate the technology conclusively. He promised endless updates and made big announcements and had 4000 expressions of interest but no product ever went to market. Eventually one by one all interested followers lost interest. 


Here is one of the bigger suncube forums on whirlpool


Here is the official SunCube forum using Yahoo Groups





GGE formed a partnership with US solar company Emcore as their future largest customer. Both companies used this to boost credibility. 


In 2008, Citron Research published multiple exposes of Emcore and GGE
"Emcore has admitted that it has received only $500,000 from Green and Gold.  Citron believes that whatever it has received is the only money it will ever see from this fantasy, and it is the height of corporate malfeasance to use any of the $65m or $78m claimed for future sales to Green and Gold as part of its revenue guidance.   They’ve had over six months to do their own due diligence, but they persist in insisting this customer is the anchor of their backlog.  Analysts should wake up."


"Green and Gold Energy needs Emcore because it is a tiny, thinly capitalized Australian business trying to create the appearance that it is a major player in the solar business.  Green and Gold uses its purported Emcore purchase order as a credential to establish credibility. Green and Gold’s CEO has a multi-year track record of trying to raise money by selling promises which never come to fruition, including perpetual machine kits and rooftop solar electric devices.  There is little or no public information available on any of Green and Gold’s “licensee” customers."


Citron advises that Greg Watson is in violation of US Securities Law:
"Citron Research wishes to advise you that Emcore, and specifically Mr. Watson, as its agent, is in violation of US Securities Laws, which provide for strict disclosure rules regarding the truth of material public statements from and about publicly traded companies."




GGE received a AU$450,000 order from the South Australia government to supply, build, commission and operate 3 grid connected SunCubeT Energy Farms.




Greg claimed to be a known fraudster being investigated by the SA Government:
"Hi all,
Did somebody say Greg Watson of SMOT device(1985).He is still going.
Greg Watson is a fraudster being investigated by the Attorney General's Department of South Australia.
Beware of this moron."
From: GUEST,Hlper 
Date: 29 Jun 07 - 10:27 PM 




Some followers got very suspicious:


The claimed performance figures are pure fiction.
Not one single sunball or suncube has ever been installed.
Greg is a serial scammer, see his previous deluded invention the SMOT perpetual motion machine.
 solarwarrier | July 05, 2007 at 03:07 AM


"Hi Greg,
the case of the Xiamen factory vanishing into thin air and non chalantly dismissed as a 'failed experiment', is great cause for concern.
What happened to the significant 'Australian Investment? Has it just gone with the wind or was it ever on? Who are the dumb investors? Such things are more than enough to close a new company. Where is your business sense?
Honestly Greg, just cut the crap and let the suncube do the talking if you really have a device that does what you claim it does.
Stop talking in Mega Billions and get your priorities right. Publish audited data and get your certification going. So far your evidence is conspicous by its absence.....even on the eve of the latest launch date.
Not to have working suncubes on your own roof is the limit.
regards, Cello"



"I've spoken to the (infamous) greg several times. He's promised the earth, assured me that not withstanding his (recent) backflip and desire to "only" do this central station thing. I explained to him in great detail that I am unable to connect to the grid, have PV and wind power at the moment (plus the primary source - the genset) and he was all committed to let me get a couple of units. Discussed mounting them etc (I live underground, so no problems with a concrete pipe to put them on!).

Waited the 4 weeks he wanted, and then started calling him every few days. Suddenly "he" isn't there, or is in meetings, and his underlings are unable or unwilling to help. Keep referring to greg and saying he says he simply is NOT providing them, PERIOD except into this farm.

Greg, if you're getting these messages, understand you are doing yourself a GREAT INJUSTICE. We're telling everyone we know what a shonky conjob this is, and they're abandoning their previous intention to buy...


If you'd been upfront with me I wouldn't be so pissed at you. At the moment, I feel quite betrayed, that you knowingly and willingly lied to me, misrepresented the product, yourself and your companies intentions.

Not taking my calls, not returning my emails, not living up to your promise all make you a pretty darn shabby operator.

Amazing you can reply to an anonymous posting in an obscure blog in a matter of hours, but can't return any one of 6 or so phone calls, can't reply to any of I don't know HOW many emails over 2 years.....

How about just living up to your *PERSONAL UNDERTAKING* to me over a year ago, and selling me two of the darn things. I don't want the inverters. I don't need installation. I don't want much of anything really.... except to burn a whole lot LESS propane than I currently am.

Like I said, palm off your old prototypes on me. The ones where the fancy paint didn't work. I don't much mind - but I *DO* want to stop burning gas to make electricity when I can use an environmentally friendly solution."


From: GUEST,RossW 
Date: 25 Jun 07 - 02:02 AM 




In 2011 Greg was still stalling for time with no product to show:
"Just to clear the air here a bit.
SunCube systems will be offered for sale when we have installed a 3 kW demo system in that state / territory capital city and we have GGE trained SunCube installers."
And making lots of excuses:


"We have been here for 6 years now and will be here a lot longer. We did not sell SunCubes back then because we were not ready, several suppliers let us down and several legislative changes occurred that altered the market and for some time, in effect, locked us out of the Australian market. That is why we altered our focus away from the Australian domestic / commercial market to big solar farms and the international market."


Some things smell fishy to followers:
"THIS IS WORSE THEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Honestly until we see these suncubes in action then this thread is pointless. I still have a problem as to why GGE is so concerned with this tread after signing a 350 Million Dollar Deal, that's what i cannot figure out. Why would you bother with a Days of our lifes saga which is going on here? Like you will not get anywhere dollar wise, why would you need to with the 350million deal in the bag." Pete




Over at Emcore, the share price dropped to 85 cents down from $16 at the height of the SunCube story. The Vice President- David Danzilio and  buddy Adam Gushard ( CFO) were shown the door.




Keith Leech, an Australian engineer with an interest in solar energy lost over $100k to the scam and followed Greg around the internet for many years exposing him. They can be seen in an ongoing bitter squabble across many internet forums. After a while Greg took Keith to court for defamation and Keith did the same to Greg.


In August 2011, Greg LOST the defamation case in the NSW supreme court




Keith was unable to recover any of the money that he was owed. He wrote a book about the entire saga:
"I have written a book The SunCube Fiasco which has been favourably reviewed by publishers.

The book tells the amazing tragic but funny story of how one con-artist duped investors and government departments out of millions of dollars and went on to cause BILLION dollar losses to shareholders in Emcore USA.

The story is indeed, stranger (and funnier) than fiction and a ripping yarn.

I will explain how much damage this and similar scams are doing to the cause of renewable energy by stealing funds which should be going into genuine research and development."




Greg's company Green and Gold Energy went into receivership and bankruptcy: 


Locality of Registered Office Glynde SA 5070





Greg started claiming to have left Australia


"I now live in the Middle-East. For now, I've given Oz the 'flick'. The current government leaders used to call each other 'Comrade'. Until there is a bit of political tidial change in Australia, I'm bowing out for now. I want to keep the $$ I earn and not give it to a bunch of dead-beat 'drongos', like the current government in Australia currently does. I was last taxed on my income at 45%, on top of a 10% GST in Australia. This doesn't even include all the hidden taxes and tarriffs. For instance, everything from the States, is twice the price as you would find in the US. Go figure? In the Middle East, it's the same price as the States."
Regards, Woomera (aka Greg Watson)




But it was discovered that he was still at home:


"Unfortunately my desire to get the latest solar technology installed overcame my caution, so I’m now owed close to what you are, having stupidly paid for my order upfront.
I did some research in Adelaide and although he claims to be overseas, he’s actually still living at home. One of his neighbours keeps me informed.
He apparently remains out of sight and his wife will be the only person to answer the door – and not to strangers.
He caught Malaria trying to sell SunCubes overseas and it returns periodically. We think he’s totally broke." Chris Sanderson May 12, 2013  (This forum SunGrid is a place where people previously scammed by Greg gather and discuss as recently as May 2013)



Other recent updates on SunCube and Greg:





Feb 2012 - Greg claims to be broke and divorced! (good reason to stay up every night trading forex?!!):


From: Greg Watson [
Sent: Thursday, 2 February 2012 2:16 AM
To: Sue Yerasoff Lawyers.
Subject: Re: Claim Dear Sirs,

Your clients seems to think I'm a wealthy man. I'm not. I'm 65, divorced and retired. I have no houses, no assets, no car, no investments, no savings, no shares, no job and no income other than my Aged Pension.
I also suffer from recurrent Malaria.

What you client seeks from Bankrupting a poor man is beyond me. There is no money to get.

Greg Watson





May 2012 - Greg becomes involved in cold fusion and claims he has a new Cool Cat product range is about to hit the market while threatening defamation action again to fellow posters on a cold fusion forum


"The GGE website will shortly be updated to include full information on the new 
Cool Cat  ™ product range.
I would think very carefully before suggesting that the Cool Cat  ™ is a parody 
as you describe it.
Do you work for the coal or nuclear industry by any chance?
Let me make this very clear, GGE will have no hesitation in taking you to court 
for defamation if you make any further remarks like that.
We are quite prepared for the dirty tricks that will be played by the fossil 
lobby and we have the legal experts and LOT'S of money to defend our products 
from attack by those who seek to maintain the status quo and maintain their 
dominance of the energy market.
The clean energy revolution has now started and nothing will prevent this 
disruptive paradigm shifting technology from gaining worldwide acceptance.
A tip. Don't by coal shares, wait for the float.
A major announcement will be made by the Australian Stock exchange within the 
next few weeks.
Best regards
Greg Watson" Sun, 06 May 2012 06:40:01 -0700


Green and Gold Energy is a TOTAL FRAUD!!!! Pay it no mind. This felllow, Greg Watson, has been involved in multiple scams and should be removed from this list."
Craig Haynie Sun, 06 May 2012 06:43:30 -0700




After the collapse of SunCube and low on funds in 2012 I assume that Greg became known as Bearbull on Donnaforex and discovered Forex Envy. The rest unfortunately we well know...











Greg is always quick on the defamation trigger with multiple threats:
G&G in Australia seems all but shut down, no address and only a mobile to contact. Regardless of the product, would you buy from a company like that?
I suggest you be very careful here with what you are writing. We have no issue with taking you to court for Defamation.




Legal action against Keith Leech      31-Jan-09 07:48 am    
GGE and myself personally are initiating legal action against Keith Leech (Keef, Rover, ect, ect, ect, ect.......) for libel, slander, defamation, for seeking to profit from causing GGE, the SunCube, our SCIG licensees and others a loss of income plus other claims for damages and loss.

Keith, this is not a threat. It is reality and we have more than enough proof to file both civil and criminal charges against you. Better enjoy the surfing while you can. It may be a very long time until you see the surf again.

BTW we have a LOT of money and the top trial lawyers who just love WINNING this type of action.

No Free Lunches Keith. Time to pay.

Come to think of it, we might just ask Emcore, their directors and shareholders to join / support us in this action.

If anyone, who is / was an Emcore shareholder and believes their investment in Emcore has been / was damaged by Keith Leech's unfounded comments, wishes more information about joining GGE in our Australian actions against Keith Leech, please email me.

All the best,
Greg Watson, CEO




A reader referring to Greg's solar energy adventure but it matches his forex adventure eerily:


That was Watson's first scam (that I know of) 
He is very predictable. 
First, rip off an old idea and claim it as your own. 
Second, invent phoney test results. 
Third, suck in mug investors to pay for 
"product development". 
When it all goes belly up, blame a conspiracy of evil forces. 


Take a tip from Watson, 
Don't steal....that's illegal 
Just launch a scheme like sunball/suncube and take investors money "legally" 
Posted: 23 February 2008 at 7:07am 




Some classic Bearbull phrases:


From: GUEST,Greg Watson, CEO, Green and Gold Energy 
Date: 26 Jun 07 - 08:54 PM 


"Keef, the only here unreality is what you seek to spin. GGE is a real business. The SunCube is real. Emcore is real. ES System is real. The other GGE licensees are real. That GGE is working with others to build very large SunCube solar farms is real.


Maybe I should ask how we build the future it is not by dreams. Dreams that turn into sweat, tears and finally reality. Sure I dream. Of a world where electricity is generated from the Sun with no pollution. At a cost equivalent to what we pay for fossil fuel kWhs. So our economies don't suffer. 


AND I work, every day, 12 - 16 hours a day, making one small step at a time until I get.


May I ask what you dream and work to achieve?




From: GUEST,Greg Watson, CEO, Green and Gold Energy 
Date: 12 Jun 07 - 10:12 AM 


So Keef you may still get your SunCubes despite the trashing job you have tried to do on me, GGE and the SunCube.


Why you didn't just give me a few months to get another distribution channel in place amazes me. You think GGE would really walk away from 3,500 registered expressions of interest? I never said that SunCubes would NOT be available to the general market, just that GGE would not be selling SunCubes to the general market. Understand?


As for investors, lets get this VERY clear. At this point in time there are NONE. It is my money on the table and at risk. If you think a banker will invest several hundred million to finance a 200 MW solar farm without being very sure about the business and the technology well I would like to know the banker.


So chill out man, what you want will happen.


All the best,
Greg Watson, CEO




Sound familiar?


"With the wisdom of hindsight perhaps he should have taken his inventors award and not promoted things until he had a product that was ready to produce with a finalised business plan. 


If the product is capable of what is claimed it should be good. 


Unfortunately there is a lot more to running a successful business than just having a good product."
petanque don  07 February 2008












Greg Watson - Contact details


Greg Watson, CEO
7 Provident Avenue, Glynde, 5070
South Australia, Australia, +61 8 8365 5844


Greg Watson, Mng Dir,
Green and Gold Energy Pty Ltd
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Phone: +61 881 214 379
Mobile: +61 408 843 089
Skype: gowatson

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