Good WiFi Demands Good Internet Connection

How internet became a necessity, one would never know; but the fact that nobody can deny is: the internet has become the necessity!


Let’s break it down and explore how internet service not only solved our problems but also played a major role in pushing our lives a little forward apropos of the modern needs.  

Let us take Shakespeare’s “seven stages of a man” as the framework for understanding how internet became a need at all stages of a man, and that too in modern times. At the age of an infant, what brought your unusual activities to your mother’s attention was the knowledge and information she gained as she constantly consulted google for quick-mommy-emergencies. The second stage is where one made the most use of internet when he started babbling his first words, perceiving outer existence, and storing information: Schoolboy. At this stage, not only did one learn to develop understanding of how things worked around him but, also, started developing traits of speculating how things are and should be. At this point, there are specific courses and online activities that help a child grow and view things out of the box. These online courses would be accessible only if one has a good internet connection lest the buffering would consume too much time and the child would be unable to develop interest in taking the online courses. Apart from extra-curricular courses, the major role played by internet is to help a child secure good grades in his assignments. There are a number of books, research articles and journals available online without the help of which a child aka schoolboy may not be able to compete with the rest of his class-fellows – the reason would also be the fact that most of the assignments given by professors are based on online referential accreditations. This might be the most crucial stage, where having a bad internet connection could cause a great damage to the person’s proceeding stages of life as, no matter how much it could be argued, a person’s future depends a lot on how he performed in school/college/university. Meeting with the deadlines for the pending assignments, online submissions and researches – all require connectivity with the internet. A friendly internet connection, indirectly, ensures a successful future. To ensure that, these minor measures must not be neglected.

The third stage—that of a “lover”—may be essential for the emotional part of a man’s life, for whatever relation it may be, digital platforms have connected lives. Social media, for that matter, has played a good role in bringing people closer and into attention at the same time. If we go back in time, it was hand-written letters, albeit romantic yet too-little-too-late at times. Whether it was for communicating with the distant beloved, parents, or friends – handwritten letters, unaffordable phone-calls were the medium of connecting distant loved ones. It had its own limitations as well. Various multitalented applications have now supported visual, virtual, audio – every type of connectivity and we find this the beauty of modern life.   

The latter stages: soldier, justice, Pantalone and old age, all play the similar roles of bringing knowledge/information, conveniently, on your phone’s screen to uniting you to your loved ones. One can only wonder how internet has transformed lives of people whose business/work depends on it. Inter and intra-country trade and exchange of goods have now become possible, conveniently, through internet, as it helps one understand their needs and reach their requirement, no matter how far it is. It would be safe to say that internet has made physical distance illusory.

The Internet does not limit itself to a single device. With Wi-Fi, the use of in-house devices has increased, still is increasing, from single to up to 25. This helps every person in your house, at whatever stage, to have access to internet. What it needs is a good internet connection that supports multiple devices running at good speed. Cox internet, for that matter, does not only ensure Wi-Fi access in every corner of the house with panorama Wi-Fi, but also takes into its keen considering the speed at which it works.