6 Factors To Check Before Hiring Airport Car Rental

Travelling to a new country is exciting as well as troublesome. Especially when you arrive at the place for the first time and unaware of everything there. Likely, when you visit Rarotonga for the first time, it is better to hire a car from the car rental of Rarotonga Airport to go to any of the hotels in Rarotonga primarily. But before hiring from an airport car rental, check these factors positively;-

• Choose The Vehicle And Check It Properly:-Determine which kind of car you require first. If you are travelling with your family and lots of luggage then you will need a large and comfortable car. If you are travelling alone and there is not much luggage with you then you can hire a small car to reach the hotel in Rarotonga. But size is not the only thing you should consider. If you are looking for an environment-friendly car or a car with an automatic transmission or have any other requirement, choose a car according to that.

• The Whole Process of Car Booking:-Before booking a car, check the details and read the reviews of the Car rental Rarotonga Airport. Visit the websites of the other local car rental companies and compare the rates. In this way, you will understand whether the airport car rental is charging unnecessarily higher rates. Before booking, also ask if there is an offer provided by the car rental of the airport.

• Understand The Rental Well:-Before hiring the car, go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. Especially if you are doing the booking over phone or online, ask the agent about all the restrictions. In case any accident

occurs or in case of break down, make sure the car rental takes the responsibility.

• The True and Hidden Costs:-If you are hiring the car after seeing an advertisement then do not go by the prices shown there. The actual price includes the fees of the driver, insurance, airport surcharges, local taxes etc. So, sometimes people end up paying the double amount of what is shown in the advertisement. So learn about all these extra costs and the hidden costs.

• Pick Up and Drop off Time:-Make sure the car reaches the airport on time. The car rental must be responsible enough and should understand the emergency of this service. Both for the pickup and drop off from and to the airport, the car should be on time.

• Responsible And Reliable Drivers: Check the license of the drivers to ensure they are authorised and efficient. Also, read the reviews of the drivers, to know how much reliable the drivers are.

Visiting a new place must be exciting and you should not take any risk while hiring a car, it may result in some severe consequences. So check these factors before hiring a car from an airport car rental.