Glowfic World Compendium


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"Supplanted" means "these plot events are taking place instead of the canon plot events"

"Obviated" means "these changes to the world are making the canon plot events not happen [whether that's because this plot happens first or this worldbuilding changed the starting conditions]".

Effulgence Worlds

  • Milliways – Original inspiration from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Use as found in glowfic is conventional for a parent genre of journal-based RP.
  • Eos – Effectively original, magic system (wishcoins (one of the main magics in use) and ingots) inspired by "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor. Local Bell's profile.
  • Aurum – Canon is Luminosity (a Twilight rationalfic), canon (Twilight) events supplanted. Local Bell's profile.
  • Alethia – Canon is His Dark Materials, with tweaks, canon events are obviated. Local Bell's profile.
  • Atlantis – Canon is the Hunger Games, with events set a little before the first book. See also: Panem. Local Bell's profile.
  • Wellspring – Canon is Matilda (the movie), with additional constantly developing/evolving magic called ialdae/Wellspring magic being the source of Matilda's telekinesis.
  • Sunshine (Phaeton (witch Bell), Apollo (Plus), Helios) – Canon is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, canon events supplanted (Sunshine) or obviated (others). These worlds contain the same type of magic as Wellspring, but it developed to be mean instead of nice because of demons. Sunshine Bell's profile.
  • Samaria – Canon is Sharon Shinn's angel series, set a little after Jovah's Angel. Local Bell's profile.
  • Peace – Fusion of Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card) and X-Men. Events of Ender's Game supplanted, events of X-Men continuity-insofar-as-[Alicorn and Kappa]-understand-it-without-research loosely implied in modified form. Local Bell's profile.
  • Downside – A kappa import. Afterlife world, includes "the admin" (who does not like titles or names) and an immortality mechanic called torching (resetting on the spot when sufficiently damaged.) The Bells' standard solution to death.
  • Rêverie – Plot canon is a nonspecific understanding of "Beauty and the Beast"; world is original. Contains Enchantment, the second most used magic system. Local Bell's profile.
  • Origin (Cindy's world/Batman, Q (Voice, Queenie), Ghosts, Dozen (Felicity), Doyle (Harley, Strat)) – Canon is the Dark Knight movie trilogy, with Batman genderswapped in most cases. Events in Origin pick up between the second and third movies and in Cindy's world during movie 3; the timeline in Q and Ghosts has been uninvestigated so far, and Dozen and Doyle were both interrupted by kidnappings of young Jokers. Doyle is so called because it also harbored Strat when he was being Sherlock Holmes and therefore takes that as canon as well. Local Bell's profile.
  • Syntropy – Canon is the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, ignoring canon events. Local Bell's profile.
  • Thilanushinyel – Canon is the trilogy-pair Obsidian & Enduring Flame by Mercedes Lackey, with events about a thousand years after the last book. Local Bell's profile.
  • Rainbow – Canon is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, canon events cherry-picked and thin on the ground. Local Bell's profile.
  • Chronicle – Canon is the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series by Patricia C. Wrede, events about a century after Talking to Dragons. Local Bell's profile.
  • Materia – Canon is Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin, events about ten years after canon. Local Bell's profile.
  • Lake – Plot canon is a twist on "Swan Lake"; world is original. Contains disgusting magic. Local Bell's profile.
  • Gift – Original invention. Similar to Eos and Aurum in that it has personalized powers, though they're larger in scale. Local Bell's profile.
  • Arceus – Canon is the Pokémon game and anime franchise; canon events obviated.
  • Fantasia (Unnamed world, Raven's (see also Unbreakable and "HP with Miranda")) – Canon is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, set almost immediately after canon events. Also draws from Inverarity's Alexandra Quick series (for Americanization and some Fantasia plot elements), Homestuck (heavily revised, for some Fantasia worldbuilding elements) and HPMoR (for some feats of magical derring-do).
  • Spirit (world possibly to be renamed) – Canon is Avatar the Last Airbender, with events set about four centuries after Legend of Korra.
  • Warp – Canon is Star Trek (the rebootverse, with generous inspiration drawn from other series), set about a decade after the 2009 film and largely obviating the events of Into Darkness.
  • Circle – Canon is the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce, set about a hundred years after canon events.
  • Thalassa – Plot canon is loosely "The Little Mermaid"; world is original. Magic system similar to Dreamward.
  • Narnia – Canon is the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, set after Magician's Nephew and supplanting other canon events.
  • Opportunity – Original invention. (Mars is being colonised.)
  • Yggdrasil, Edda – Canon is the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Edda also borrows the His Dark Materials concept of daemons. Edda supplants some canon events which Yggdrasil takes as read.
  • Cenozoia – Canon is the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate, canon events supplanted.
  • Avalon – Canon is the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike, canon events obviated.
  • Tayane – Original invention. World contains locations called "magics" which apply various effects to you if you enter them, ranging from whimsical to horrifying/debilitating.
  • Quinn – Canon is the Elemental Blessings series by Sharon Shinn, set before canon events.
  • Cosel – Original invention. Elementals can be caught and ordered around with the use of amulets. People have aptitudes for some of the elements.
  • Equestria – Canon is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, canon events supplanted.
  • Garden – Canon is the movie "Tangled", with extra worldbuilding about magical plants, canon events supplanted.
  • Nexus – Canon is the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, canon events tracked/tweaked/embellished.
  • Superluminal – Fusion of Vorkosigan Saga and Skin Deep, Vorkosigan canon events tracked/tweaked/embellished and Skin Deep canon events obviated.
  • Names – Canon is Alicorn's short story Visitor, with tweaks, canon events obviated. There are immortal fairies with various magic. In any two people at least one of whom is a fairy there can exist a vassal relationship, with the vassal always following orders from the master. Such a relationship can happen if one party knows the other’s name, or if one party feeds another. Feeder and knower are then masters.
  • Rewind – Canon is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, canon relationship... complicated. The magic is more flexible and freeform, but very limited by soul gem dinge for smaller things and turning into a witch instantly for bigger things. The wish lowers magical energy costs for magic related to it.


  • Unnamed world (Summer's) – Plot canon is the fairy tale "The Snow Queen"; world is original.
  • Oz – Canon is the Oz series by L. Frank Baum, canon relationship undecided.
  • Pacifica – Canon is the movie Pacific Rim, canon events supplanted.
  • Guardian – Fusion of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein with a fanfic about guardian angels. Canon relationship undecided.
  • Alucine – Original invention. Learning (and not doing) magic causes a mind/personality affecting side effect known as a vice to strengthen in proportion to how much you learn.
  • Cape – Canon is Worm, canon events supplanted.

Incandescence Worlds

  • Kystle (New Kystle) – An Aestrix import.
  • Chamomile – See "Alethia" in the Effulgence section. Tweaks differ.
  • Hex/Bindings – Original invention; people are born with a spirit animal and can bind it to themselves before adulthood; binders can invent spells, which involve complex charts carefully specifying the effects, which have to be all held in the mind at once; particularly big spells are "hexes" and a person can only cast one per day.
  • Pantheon/Arabek – An Aestrix import. Gods are real and sustained by prayer. They can give out blessings.
  • Tayane – Original invention, forked from Effulgence.
  • Epilogue – An Aestrix import; Prime's world.
  • Medallion – Canon is Skin Deep, canon events obviated.
  • Inferno/Daevinity – Original invention; contains "daeva" (fairies, demons, angels) with magical powers (telekinesis, creation, alteration/changing respectively and indestructibility for all of them), also "Limbo" (afterlife whose residents get indestructibility and one thing they thing an afterlife would be incomplete without) and 'parlor tricks' (small magic things regular humans can do). This world is future.
  • Gemini – Original invention; all twins have magic powers, Yellowstone volcano erupts.
  • Treasury – Original invention. When a person dies, their favourite item becomes an artifact. An artifact has a good effect and a bad effect.
  • Ravel – Original invention. Select your own fabric themed power.
  • Quartet – Original invention, partially pivoted from an unrealized Effulgence concept.
  • Greenhouse – See "Avalon" in the Effulgence section. (Astrid and Martin both)
  • Cycle – Original invention; babies appear randomly and are brought by mechanical storks, people can make "shines" out of light, (pets, puppets, automata, shades) "golems" are made by carving instructions on machines, rarely some people reincarnate repeatedly and regain memories from previous lives through dreams.
  • Momentum – Original invention; magic responds to entitlement. Gathered momentum from constant magic use permits bigger and bigger effects, if you are not careful to do a variety of things you end up specialised, and if you stop doing things your momentum quickly drops.


Map of worlds (v3)

  • Edda – see Effulgence
  • Elentári – Arda adjacent to Edda
  • Materia – see Effulgence
  • Telperion – Arda adjacent to Warp and Materia
  • Warp – see Effulgence
  • Revelation – see Incandescence "Inferno/Daevinity"
  • Space – Arda IN SPACE!
  • Hex – see Incandescence
  • Aurum – see Effulgence
  • Shadow/Independence – evil Arda
  • Shine – Arda adjacent to Stork
  • Stork – see Incandescence "Cycle"
  • Wish – PMMM verse, see Effulgence "Rewind"
  • Luster – Arda adjacent to Wish
  • Millennium – Third Age Arda
  • Cube – see Effulgence "Cenozoia", canon is Animorphs but the Andalites who come to Earth are Feanorians
  • Eclipse
  • Ithil – gender-swapped Arda adjacent to a Wish protectorate world
  • Tireh's world


  • Unbreakable - Potterverse in the past with the Feanorians as wixen.


  • Ardo - gender-swapped Arda
  • Treasury - see Incandescence
  • Quinn - see Effulgence
  • Harmonics - see Effulgence "Names"


  • Lizard Pants
  • Cuddling Gods
  • Scope
  • Limitless
  • Starshine
  • Veil
  • Curtain
  • Spectre
  • Charm

Sandbox Worlds


  • Elcenia
  • Barashi
  • Dreamward, Crystal and Holly's world, with mirrorsnake. I think the mirrorsnake comes from dreamward? There’s like boxes with Crystal and Holly and them being eaten by one and transported somewhere and then someone thought of a mirrorsnake eating another mirrorsnake and this is how it became the standard non-Milliways interuniversal transport device?
  • Eclipse. Original invention, BDSM universe (inspired by the fandom concept) where everyone is a sub or dom (or a switch). Rarely, 12-year-olds get magic during eclipses, with it weaker if low on food. They must learn to control it or else they will cause damage to the surrounding area. Psions affect minds and information, mages affect physical things.
  • HP with Miranda (the British Wizarding World from HP, one year in the future)
  • Goldmage – colored mages with magic and dwindling (see short story)


  • Henshin
  • Mutants, takes from X-Men. Edies and Emilies, various points in their timelines
  • Bensaylum – ritual magic, fairies (Jesus Bell)
  • Genesis world from This Barren Virgin Land
  • Trinity – world with the three types of magic and the floating city, Genosha
  • Vampires – Gloria’s world
  • Reincarnating people (from a box with Sylvi?)
  • Dreamscape – Idaia and Imliss's world


  • Thedas – Stalas's world, based on Dragon Age
  • Ghost-person partnerships world (Spectre = Spirit + Human)
  • Rythe – Fair Folk/Athrai world
  • Gruesome Magical Girls – magical rose parasite things can grant powers corresponding to their colors, but inserting/wearing/removing the roses is very painful and gruesome.
  • Inner Worlds
  • Suranse (with Aestrix)
  • Imbria (Reified Spellweaver)
  • Sile (Reified Sims)
  • Viath (lizards, Tamadh)
  • Miracle (Teah's world) - Teah is normal by day and a god by night/when asleep. When a god, he can answer prayers (plausibly directed to him) and do tangentially related things while doing so, but not take any ? action.
  • Lindworm – Original invention, based on the Lindworm fairy tale; features "mysterious old women" who can solve your problems if you follow very specific instructions.
  • (Reified) Terraria
  • Sable's world
  • Damanisenna/not-wasteland. Plates and magic paint spheres - dip a paintbrush into the latter, draw on the former, acquire bacon plants. Appears in, for example, "This Barren Virgin Land". (Distinct from Aestrix's Wasteland, based off a Minecraft modpack.)
  • Kitaloei
  • Nuime (soul artifacts thing)
  • Threefold (element magic thing)
  • Swansong – based (loosely?) off the Swan Lake setting
  • Altered Steven Universe 'verse
  • Taieli monument
  • MWF things?
  • Nenassa - the setting of the atrocious porn.


  • Proximal – another world with three humanoid sapient species, "Rhunes" (tall, colorful eyes), "Luna" (colorful hair), "Thamari" (muscly/bulky, have stripe birthmark things). Has a light magic named 'lumen' that isn't considered magic, is mainly used for small diagrams and such.
  • Potential – superhero world. People either Turn (get superpowers) or Form (appear at the site of various disasters, fully grown with no previous memories but a vague awareness of things in the world, somewhat like Names Fairies, with superpowers). Disasters have been occurring in greater frequency since people started Turning.
  • Mirroculus "MO" – slightly bizarre world, has been described as "Night Vale and The Cave of Unpleasant Surprises had a child" (by Andygal). Typical transport to the world involves looking at something shiny/reflective, feeling vertigo, and appearing somewhere you didn't expect (or your room/building came with you).
  • Lapis (with Moriwen) – vampires! Have vibrantly blue eyes, appear to crave blood, do not need to eat human foods, can often be found sinking their teeth into nearby vulnerable humans if not careful.
  • Azurite (with Pedro) – vampires! Similar to Lapis vampires, but includes a thing named 'Sway' and the bloodlust is kinda annoying persistent. See the (spoilery) worldbuilding thread for more details.
  • Tenebre – takes various aesthetics from the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix, includes evil shadowy monsters and small bits of magic. Also a weird breeze.
  • Omnipotence (with Pedro) – Eos-like setting with an evil dictator.
  • Hades (with RoboticLIN) – evil Demon Lord leads an army against the local populace; medieval setting, fantasy, magic.


  • Dreamshard world
  • Resonance (with Pedro)
  • Inlustrem (with Pedro)
  • Fated
  • Quest
  • Gravity Falls
  • Arcadia (Life is Strange)
  • Reincarnation
  • Time Well (InuYasha)
  • Selene
  • Vitae
  • Ternion
  • Beta-testing island


  • Path – aka "Path of Perfection"; takes people from various places, puts them on a path, forces them through various trials to try to perfect a particular trait. Includes creepy angels (with painful stares or touch?) and various recurring characters (mainly lotus NPCs).
  • Lapis (with Throne)
  • Cookie – horrifying AI/people thing based on the Black Mirror episode 'White Christmas'
  • Shrimpverse - universe with no shrimp and consequences
  • Historical settings


  • Cardverse. Based off the Cardcaptor Sakura canon. Sorcery worldbuilt separately (apparently the link is spoilery?).
  • Resonance (with CuriousDiscoverer)
  • Inlustrem (with CuriousDiscoverer)
  • Azurite, spoilery link (with Throne)
  • Portalverse (with Unbitwise?), takes from Portal (the game) canon.
  • Spira (worldbuilding thread) – takes from Final Fantasy X canon.
  • Discworld
  • Galatea
  • Death Note (with ErinFlight)
  • Omnipotence (with Throne)
  • City of Angles – based off canon material
  • Pottervor, HP verse in general


  • Terra. The Strike Witches world. (Loosely?) based off an anime.
  • Cloudbank – Nick's world. Floating islands.
  • Steel's world with the blue stream
  • Tileworld - Fates, the world is a bunch of tiles floating, Fair Folk, magic.
  • XCOM
  • MTU


  • (Incandescence worlds listed above)
  • Neverwinter Nights, seen in the Veron and Aether box
  • Facet
  • Suranse (with Kappa)
  • Wasteland – Saevetei's world
  • Kitaloei


  • Pactverse
  • Wormverse/Cape
  • Camelot - Connecticut Yankee by Mark Twain
  • Final Empire - Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


  • Kushiel – Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey
  • Lyric – original, Marri + PDV. Singing can create magical effects based on some flexible combination of strong emotion; popularity / recognizability of the song; and actual lyrics. Various conspiracies around this exist but otherwise standard Earth.
  • Pern - Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey
  • Divergent - Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth
  • Pegasus - Pegasus and Talents series by Anne McCaffrey


  • Dresdenverse - Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher
  • Whateley (University)
  • Creation - based on Exalted, Aril's world
  • Neverwinter Nights (mostly Deekin)
  • Thedas/Dragon Age (with Kappa)?


  • Time Well (InuYasha)
  • The Organization
  • Bartimaeusverse – based off Bartimaeus Sequence of books
  • Subnautica – based off game with same name
  • Death Note (with Pedro)
  • Simsverse – based off The Sims series of games (mainly Sims 4)


  • Garden – (Cylindrical Garden, for disambiguation). Planets are large growing cylinders of soil, surrounded by bubble-like gods which do weather and appear new species over time. Humans live on a planet where all life is some variety of plant, with all moving life as two-stage plants. Humans have the ability to edit the growth-patterns of seeds they touch.
  • The Unknown – (tweaked Over the Garden Wall verse) Infinite autumn/winter woods, weird time between places, lost-in-the-woods fairytale magic/aesthetics/creatures, Beast replaced with multitude of forking arborists.
  • Glazed – conjuration magic: people make temporary items, attention-dependent. glazing: people use magic to melt sand into glass, which falls upward instead of downward. language includes blobs of floating interconnected glass appeared and dismissed to indicate a lot of the grammar and relations between words.
  • Spirit – crafted objects are imbued with "purpose" (spirits). Spirits can be pulled away from their objects, and pushed toward others, to perform the same function without the direct mechanism, making the original object useless for its purpose. In larger quantities, spirits can be pushed to do a task as an example, then pushed toward an analogous but more complex task, which they do more intelligently.
  • Eventide – takes from Welcome to Night Vale canon.


  • Moondust – a substance called moondust can be used to make elixirs or provide someone with powers with a low likelihood of success. Lots of Timepoof style weirdness is present.
  • The Room – a room contains a sentient Table who occasionally summons people.
  • Fusion of Gravity Falls and Skin Deep verse


  • See Silmaril
  • Arda – with Tolkien elves, from the Silmarillion
  • Space Arda
  • Daeva Arda – includes Alicorn's daevinity magic
  • Modern Arda
  • Ardo – genderswapped Arda
  • Millenium – Third Age Arda
  • Utopic Modern Arda
  • Shadow/Independence – evil Arda
  • Sanity/Sane Arda – Arda with competent Valar

Jarnvidr / Járnviðr


  • Shadopolis (monsters called Shadows kidnap people from different universes to their own by offering them a choice of tarot card that stands for their powers and standing in society in the new world)
  • Gap
  • OTC


  • Mary and Heidi's world
  • Full-Metal Alchemist
  • Naruto


  • Equilibrium - previously called CD world, "the world with the psychics"
  • Changeling/Fixer


  • Forest Arda – Arda, including elves and the silmarils and such, but written by Teceler instead of lintamande.
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Erebus/Fall From Heaven
  • Fallen London


  • Adelene: Carp, the Kobold world. See the "In Which The Fourth Wall Fails to Exist" thread for more details.
  • Diaeresis: The Old Republic – Star Wars universe
  • RoboticLIN: Venom Megacity; Hades (with Throne)
  • Shirube: magic tattoos world
  • Sine Salvatorem: "autistic vampires world"
  • Unbitwise: Claimverse – every person can claim an item/a bunch of material; when they do so, they are able to reshape it and move it relative to other claimed things
  • Wizard of Woah!: Miracle
  • Benedict: Cordyceps (clarification, anyone is welcome to glowfic it but the original fic was written by Benedict)

Without a main author

  • Panem – Hunger Games world
  • Buffyverse/Sunnyverse – see Sunshine worlds from Effulgence; based off Buffy the Vampire Slayer canon, with vampires and demons and the (vampire/demon) Slayer

Multiversal corporations

  • Evenstar – OTC
  • ErinFlight – The Organisation
  • Rockeye – MTU (*MTU is not available to serve as the centerpoint of a plot, only peripheral parts)


  • The Breakroom

Various MWF worlds!

  • Facet
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Nexus – described above
  • the keeper's domain
  • Esthfora
  • taieli
  • Carp
  • Entelechy
  • Nightvale
  • ...


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