I've been putting off what I have to say about my encounter with Gian, even after consideration and the immense warm-hearted support from new friends in Berlin, whom turned my experience around completely and steered me in the right direction of what the CS mission was meant to be. See, thanks to the giving spirit and the good times, I have a stake in this community, which is precisely why it was so important not to brush off this negative experience like it never happened. 

Now I'm not saying Gian doesn't share these elements of giving and goodness (after all, I barely spent one harrowing night and a day getting to know him), just his version of generosity comes with the catch that he might touch you while you sleep. I'm all about good vibes and spreading positivity, but I'm equally a firm believer in good karma. A believer in a reality where "NO" means no, and not an invitation for repeated, point-blank requests for sexual favors. Where advertising "No shared sleeping surface" does not then translate into adamant refusal to leave the futon and sleep in his own bed (!) merely a few feet away. 

I mean, it is his futon after all. Extending that futon out of the kindness of his heart and the lustfulness of his libido, his utter lack of regard --after I quickly sat him up for a nice chat/cultural exchange about American social appropriatness of personal space, privacy, and an individual's right to her own body-- should have been the only unpleasant surprise of the night. 

Lest they find themselves in that helpless and utterly alone situation of pushing off unwanted advances, I strongly hope future female couchsurfers will consider these risks before making the choice to stay with Gian-- or better yet, the moderators could perhaps keep an eye out for when this man targets the Emergency Couchrequests page for desperate travellers without other means or options. 
I can tell you Gian made it very easy for me to trust him upon meeting and kicking back beers with him. He then proceeded to methodically violate that friendship, particularly when my eyes sprang open in the middle of the night to find Gian prying open my legs with such stealth I'd never before witnessed! Don't take young solo travellers for granted as clueless, lonely, naive, and exploitable; you will be CALLED OUT. Our minds are open to new experiences, not exploitation.