Getting Back Together: 5 Signs to Look Out For In Your Ex

Your ex still show that they care for you, both of you have no idea how each feel at the moment, but check out the 5 things to look for sure that they still haven't given up.


When you have been dumped and you still think of getting back together with your ex, it can be rather hard to deal with when those feelings aren’t being reciprocated. This is especially undefined for women. A woman who has been deeply in love with their boyfriend may have a hard time getting past the notion of the relationship being over.


It may be hard for them to see their ex out in public or with other people. Yet, women (and men too) need to realize that breakups happen all the time with a reconciliation not far behind. Thus, this time away makes the relationship and feelings stronger than before. Should you wish to get back together with your ex, you need to understand that while you may be confused, he is too.


However, if you need some assurances that he still cares for and wants to be with you, there are 5 things you need to look for.

Love Sign Number (1) - Friends?


Does your ex say he still would like to be friends with you? This often means there is still a torch being carried for you. Don’t ever take a “let’s just be friends” speech wrong. It’s actually a positive sign. Use this time to better yourself and make yourself be someone worthy in his eyes.


Love Sign Number (2) - Constant Contact?


Do you still get a phone call from your ex? Does your cell phone keep getting text messages from him? Do you get regular email asking about your day? If so, this is a sign they still think of you. It doesn’t even have to be anything more than a hello, goodbye message. Just something enough to hear your voice and let you know they are still there for you.


Love Sign Number (3) - Speaks Emotions?


You still talk on a constant basis but he constantly tells you he misses you. This is another sign that he still wants to be with you. He may as well miss that closeness you shared with one another and he may reconsider the breakup and realized just how much you mean to him.


Love Sign Number (4) - Dating Questions?


Does he ask if you are seeing anyone? This could be a sign that he may be evaluating where he stands in your life. The best thing you can do is to tell him the truth. If you aren’t seeing someone, then tell him that. Don’t try to make him jealous with a pretend boyfriend. By doing this it can have the opposite effect than what you really thinking. They may pull away completely if you are happy.


Love Sign Number (5) - Actions and Demeanor?


When you two are having a friendly conversation in person, does your ex seem nervous or anxious? If so, he may be trying to keep his feelings in check whenever you are around. The best thing for you to do is make him feel at ease. If you feel the same way, go ahead and let him know. Thinking of getting back again? If you want another chance at the relationship, one of you has to open up your heart and put it on your sleeve.


If you still want your ex back, it’s important to think each move you do through carefully. Most women and men have no idea how to act around one another after a breakup. Thus, it ruins the chances of getting back together.


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