Review of The Garfield Movie: Full of Laughter and Sad at the Same Time



The latest animated film by Mark Dindal, namely The Garfield Movie, is officially showing in cinemas. The film, which tells the story of the iconic orange cat character Garfield, has been a film that has been eagerly awaited since its last release in 2009.


Telling the story of Garfield's adventures with his father, the film, which casts Chris Pratt as voice actor, presents a fresh comedy that is successful in triggering laughter. Not only that, this seventh Garfield film conveys a number of moral messages about family. For more details, here is a review of The Garfield Movie.


There are new characters that have never appeared before


The Garfield Movie tells the story of the life of a lazy orange cat named Garfield (Chris Pratt). He lives comfortably with his best friend, Odie (Harvey Guilien) and his employer, Jon Arbuckle (Nicholas Hoult).

However, his life changed drastically when his father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson), returned to his life. Garfield had to leave his comfortable life at home, because his father was involved in a conflict with his rival.


Garfield was abandoned by his father as a child. Vic's character has never been told or shown in previous films. Therefore, Vic's presence also reveals Garfield's family background.For those of you who have followed Garfield's story since the old film, in this film you will find out the origins of this adorable orange cat.


The comedy of Garfield and other characters successfully creates laughter


All of The Garfield films are synonymous with great comedy. This orange cat's behavior is quite ridiculous if we follow it. Starting from his habit of liking to eat to his tendency to be lazy by watching series and sleeping all day.

The spoiled nature shown in every dialogue with other characters was successful in triggering laughter from the audience. For example, Garfield's hilarious interactions with his friend Odie and his conversation with Jinx (Hannah Waddingham), the antagonist in The Garfield Movie. The audience will also be presented with an odd interaction between Garfield and his father, Vic, which is no less exciting.


Give a deep moral message about the relationship between children and fathers


The presence of Garfield's biological father in this film is certainly a big signal that the relationship between the two will be explored more. It will be revealed why his father abandoned Garfield on the street when he was little. Not only that, the audience will be presented with complicated conflicts caused by miscommunication between each character.


Even so, each conflict holds its own moral message for the audience. For example, not to make assumptions about people without knowing the truth. Apart from that, the audience will be presented with a number of touching scenes about Vic's father's sacrifices for his child over the years, even though Garfield himself never realized this.The warmth created between this father and son relationship makes The Garfield Movie very suitable for you to watch with your family, you know.