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Pizza Hut's Interactive Tabletops: Pizza Hut has introduced interactive tabletops in select locations. These tabletops feature built-in touch screens that allow customers to browse the menu, customize their pizzas, play games, and even pay their bill right at their table. This technology enhances the dining experience and provides entertainment for customers.


Pizza Hut's Book It! Alumni Program: The Book It! program, initially designed to encourage reading among children, has an Alumni Program that celebrates the program's past participants. The Alumni Program allows former participants to connect, share stories, and continue to engage with Pizza Hut's reading initiatives.

Pizza Hut's Vegan Options:

In response to the growing demand for plant-based options, Pizza Hut has expanded its vegan offerings. They have introduced vegan cheese as a topping option, allowing customers to enjoy a fully plant-based pizza experience.


Pizza Hut's Beyond Meat Partnership: Pizza Hut has partnered with Beyond Meat, a prominent plant-based meat company, to offer Beyond Meat pizza toppings. This collaboration provides customers with the option to add Beyond Meat's plant-based sausage crumbles to their pizzas, catering to those seeking meat alternatives.

Pizza Hut's Beyond Pan Pizza: Building on the success of their partnership with Beyond Meat, Pizza Hut introduced the Beyond Pan Pizza. This pizza features a plant-based Italian sausage topping provided by Beyond Meat, offering a delicious and sustainable option for pizza lovers.


Pizza Hut's WingStreet: Pizza Hut's WingStreet is a wing-centric concept that offers a variety of chicken wings and sauces alongside their pizza menu. WingStreet provides customers with a broader range of choices and expands Pizza Hut's appeal beyond just pizza.


Pizza Hut's Hut Rewards App: Pizza Hut offers the Hut Rewards app, which allows customers to earn points on their purchases and redeem them for free food items. The app also provides exclusive deals, personalized offers, and convenient ordering and payment options.


Pizza Hut's Innovation Lab: Pizza Hut has an Innovation Lab dedicated to exploring and developing new technologies, menu items, and customer experiences. The Innovation Lab focuses on pushing the boundaries of pizza innovation and finding unique ways to delight customers.

Pizza Hut's Virtual Kitchen: In response to the rising popularity of delivery and online ordering, Pizza Hut has established virtual kitchens in some locations. These kitchens are dedicated solely to fulfilling delivery and carryout orders, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient service.


Pizza Hut's Global Training Center: Pizza Hut operates a Global Training Center in Plano, Texas, where employees from around the world receive training on various aspects of restaurant operations, customer service, and culinary skills. The training center plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent quality and service across Pizza Hut locations worldwide.


These are some additional details about Pizza Hut and its various initiatives, partnerships, and programs. Pizza Hut continues to innovate, expand its menu offerings, and embrace new technologies to provide a memorable dining experience for customers