What are all the exclusive traits of the Trezor Suite app?

If you have picked the Trezor hardware wallet device to put a safety shield on your crypto assets, then you have landed on the right page. Today, we will help you understand the companion application of Trezor Wallet and how you can use it to safely store all your crypto assets. Well, you can install Trezor Suite via trezor.io/start and soon after the installation, you can explore all the features that it comes with.

Well, if you were wondering why the Trezor.io/start app comes included with only basic features and functionalities, then you are completely wrong my friends. The Trezor Suite app or APK downloaded via trezor.io/start offers a wide range of features that may not be available with any other application. Today, we are going to shed some light on all those features that you will eventually get to use and maximize the potential of your crypto wallet.

Some useful features of the trezor.io/start 

The wide range of features that you will get to use right after installing the Trezor Suite app via this platform are given below:

  • Tor- Well, this is the most liked and useful feature of the Suite that allows users to take part in anonymous communication and work in favor of the open-source software. This also makes sure that your internet activity remains untraceable.

  • Taproot- Whenever you make any BTC transactions, taproot works actively to improve the privacy and efficiency of the network.

  • Passphrase- This is another efficiently working feature of the wallet that provides ultimate protection against the attacks that might try to gain access to your device.

  • Coin Control- Using this feature, you can easily enhance the privacy and control of your BTC UTXOs the way you want. 

  • Custom Backend- The Wallet also provides you with complete control over your assets by allowing you to connect to your own full node via trezor.io/start. 

  • Bitcoin-only firmware- If your only focus during your crypto trading journey lies with Bitcoin, this is a great feature for you because it is easily accessible via Trezor.io/start. 

Why should you install Trezor Suite? 

Installing Trezor Suite is a must and you can use your Trezor device without installing this app. So, here are the features and functionalities that you get after installing Trezor.io/start: 

  • Support for native altcoins- Within the app, the Trezor Suite supports a wide collection of altcoins. 

  • Early Access Program- trezor.io/start also comes with the Early Access Program giving you access to all the new features that are introduced prior to everybody else. 

  • Buy, sell, spend, and exchange- Within the Trezor App, there are these features available that help you perform these transactions. 


There are several other features in the Trezor.io/start apart from the ones mentioned above. These include enabling Dark Mode, exporting transactions, labeling of wallet and account, localization, and more. To use this set of features, you can navigate to trezor.io/start and install Trezor Suite on your device right away.