"Alpha" characteristics:

1. Beauty (above average standard, celebrity profile and good proportions).
2. Bodily dominance (big muscles, six pack and ripped chest, thick voice)
3. Wealth (cars, houses, expensive clothes, travels)
4. Fame (chased guys and exhibitionists)
5. Emotional dominance (intimidating power, dominant behaviors and aggressive leadership)
6. Sexual dominance (big penis, strong and lasting erection)
7. Behavioral dominance (lack of insecurity, extreme guile, light psychopaty, extroversion, shamelessness, attitude)

The thre principles of seduction:

1. Compensation for lack of value: dread game, negs, emotional detachment, etc.
2. Competition: pre-selection, the "prize", "social proof", etc.
3. Charm: non-behavioral power, fame, wealth, etc.

The relationship between non-behavioral, genuine power and behavioral power (PUA):

The greater the lack of non-behavioral, "natural" power ("alpha" characteristics), the tighter the "Game" will have to be to compensate for the "lack of value". Considering also that men are the "true romantics pretending to be realistis", the likely effects of "Game" practising over time: "neurotically suspended" impotency, increased psychological nihilism and psychosis and higher levels of psychopathy. Basically it means that there cannot be any compromise with feminism, i.e., adaptation to their values, unless one is willing to embrace psychopathy as the fate of humanity.

The beta-alpha dichotomy:

It exists only in the male mind. For women there are no "beta", "alphas", "zetas", etc. They are either attracted to you, and you're the "alpha", or they are not. In great part it's mostly a male construction out of neuroticism, paranoia, fear, nihilism, etc. Women don't care about it. As Aunt Giggles puts it clearly "We let the males sort it out, and reward those males who come out on top."

The "alpha" in nature and the "alpha" in feminism

An "alpha" example in Siberia: Siberia - Wild Russia. Begins at 19:38. In the feminist world, even if you're "alpha", you'll basically be dealing with megalomaniac, overly entitled women: they lack purity, femininity, housewife skills, childbearing skills, natural and feminine beauty and, yet, they think they are entitled to a feminized, tamed "alpha". In other words, at least in nature the "alpha" has a harem of submissive and compliant females. But what feminists want is a life of privileges, amenities, and no personal accountability.

Are you an "alpha"?

It depends. If you are the alpha, you'll know it. But actually you're a complex human being, with "alpha", "beta", "zeta" and "omega" characteristics. But most likely if you're concerned about becoming an "alpha", you're a "beta" However, being an "alpha" can be contextual. Feminists have become so megalomaniac and entitled that almost no man qualifies to be "alpha". They want the "whole package": that's the amplification of a life of sexual freedom and ease. The guys who are closest to "alpha" status are celibrity and, yet, just because of their fame (see "alpha" characteristics above). Yet, it's mostly a male paranoia in a post feminist world of technological comfort and consumerism that reduces male sexual value to almost zero. If divorce laws are facotred in, male sexual value is actually negative! Why, because whenever a man enters in relationship with a woman in the feminist world, he's likely to lose resources, mental and emotional health, etc. whereas she's likely to exit the relationship at least with some material profit.

How to recover the lost power:

The only to way to recover the lost power and regulate feminine behavior instead of being regulated by them (hookup culture, "game", promiscuity, prostitution, etc.) is to punish feminists:

1. Adopt a specular attitude and do everything the opposite of what they (feminists) say or demand, unless you're dealing with a 100% honest, heterosexual, feminine woman (a precious commodity nowadays).
2. Don't marry them, don't give children to them, don't accept "alpha's" scraps, don't date feminists and promiscuous women, etc.
3. Seek emancipation of the "feminine imperative" through a proper understanding of the obscure aspects of the feminine, by reading high quality manosphere blogs (there are some). Develop your spirituality as to build up and transmute the sexual vital energy, aka "kundalini". (I suggest reading TLIG messages). Basically it means that one has to seek emancipation of one's own passions (great tales of the past are about this: Samson and Delilah, the sailors and the sirens, Attila, etc.).

The relationship between master and disciple:

You want to know how a true relationship with a genuine master is like, read fully Eugen Herrigel's "Zen in the Art of Archery". Read from beginning till the last chapters when a comparison is made with the "art of swordmanship". Basically lesson for "betas". Kill the alpha.