Flee market on Naschmarkt

In Vienna tourists can see not only palaces, museums, colourful gardens and beautiful monument.



It is a lively and multicultural place  with open air markets that are worth visiting. The Naschmarkt is one of the most popular markets in Vienna but also in Europe.

It is situated between Linke and Rechte Wienzeile, in the neighbourhood of Joseph Maria Olbrich's secession building from XIX century. The Naschmarkt was described by the popular writer Jonathan Carroll in one of his books titled „ From the teeth of angels ”(In that place Arlen Ford, the heroine of the novel, meets Lelanda Zivica . The author writes that in the Naschmarkt it is possible to find Turkish bakeries, shops with healthy food which are next to Austrian stalls ; there is Muslim butcher and the stall where you can get the best peanut butter in the world . Fresh fruit and vegetables from Bulgaria, Israel or Africa; big tomatoes from Albania, ementaler directly from the Alps ... , this is the place where everyone can spend hours.


Indeed the Naschmarkt is the place where it is possible to  buy almost everything - from fresh fruit and vegetables to Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mediterranean dishes, schnapps and the home-made "brandy" , herbs or cheeses . It can be said that this is a perfect place for the lovers of culinary experiments.

And every Saturday on the Naschmarkt there is organized so-called Flohmarkt (that is the Flee Market). And then you can find there a lot of books, antiquities, the stylish furniture or jewellery which you can buy for the good price. And obviously everyone has the possibility to bargain with smiling sellers . So not only Vienners but also tourists cannot imagine not to go and look around the market.


On Saturday you will also find similar flee market in Spittelbergu near Spittelberggasse . But it is open only from April to November and before Christmas and Easter . Here the atmosphere is different from noisy Naschmarkt . On Spittelberggasse artists and craftsmen sell their products. Similar flee markets are at Linke and Rechte Wienzeile where there are antiques, jewellery or ceramics.


Vienna is famous for its fairs, especially these that are hold before some holidays . Christkindlmarkt, that is the Salzbur Christmas Market, is one of the most important fairs. During this time the neighbourhood of the town hall and the old town change for a moment into the fabulous area, full of warmed wine smell , sweet cakes and various Austrian delicacies. Everywhere you can hear music , choirs sing the advent songs . It is hard to find another place presenting better Christmas atmosphere .


Bazaars, markets and fairs are attractive for tourists so some people are planning to go to Vienna just to do the shopping in those places and for them this is a perfect way of spending the weekend. And if we add that except the fairs there are also charming cafés and a lot of hotels with numerous cheap apartments - it is not difficult to admit that it is a perfect place to spend free time.

autor: Miroslaw Nikolin - Hotel Compare