Fixing a Vaporizer 101- Facts You Must Know

Are you a big vaping lover who’s been vaping for a long but still cannot fix your dry herb vapes?

Well, not anymore!

In this article, we are going to explain how to fix a vaporizer?


No matter the quality or brand, vaporizers are electronic devices and can show problems after using it for a long time. The problem is that it is hard for normal people to diagnose the problem and find a way to fix it.


Let’s start with the common problem




Problem: Vaporizers are showing problems turning on:

How to fix it?:
Most vapes have a 5 click characteristic so make convinced to touch the on button a few times, say 5 times quickly. If it still doesn’t turn on, leave it as it is. Don't press it the six the time. Alternatively, wait a few seconds and try afresh.

Alternative Solution: Ensure that your vaporizer is charged fully. A lot of times just plugging in doesn’t mean it’s charging. Check if it’s really changed or not. Check the thread on your charger to make certain that their no problem with the connection. If it’s charged and still doesn’t turn on, then there’s some problem with the charger and you should change it.

Problem: The chamber won’t screw onto the battery:


How to fix it?: 510 threading is one of the most common threading, got popularity from the pen EGO style series. However, other thread counts are accessible so if a distinct chamber does not screw over your collection, you probably have a mismatched threading site. In this case, you should compare the threading on both the collection and the case. If you purchased your atomizer online, you will get these bits of pieces of information on the product list itself.

Problem: No or very Thin vapor

How to fix it?:
This happiness when the dry herbs filled in the dry herb vapes are not grind properly which might obstruct the airflow to get in and the hot touch surface won’t be able to touch the surface while passing through the chambers. This gives strides to weak or thin or no vapor at all. So the solution goes without saying, use a good grinder and grind the herbs well and you won’t encounter any such problem.


Problem: Difficulty getting hit or pull

How to fix it?:
If your screen is clogged with resin then in that case, wipe the cover by cutting it into some isopropyl alcohol, particularly coating the resins off, and eventually cleaning with lukewarm water. Also, ensure that you are not putting the screen and keeping it back in the vape.


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