Fifth Wheel Buying Tips

A fifth wheel trailer is a type of camper that is towed by a truck with a special hitch. It provides accommodations for sleeping, bathing and dining. This type of trailer is a great way to provide all the comforts of home while traveling or camping. There are standard models available that provide all the necessary facilities for living short term. There are also luxury models that are quite elegant and spacious and are perfect for people who decide to RV full time.

Fifth wheel prices can range from fairly inexpensive to very pricey depending on the size and amenities included. Smaller units can start at around 10,000.00 for a new model and provide adequate living and dining areas. Luxury models can exceed 100,000 and can be quite spacious. These are homes away from home and may include televisions, Internet capabilities, living areas, bedrooms, luxury kitchens and dining areas, and fully equipped bathrooms. The casual traveler can get away with a smaller model with no problem but people who travel often and want to travel in style often choose more luxurious accommodations so they can travel in style.

Although fifth wheels are more expensive than travel trailers, many people prefer fifth wheels because they are much easier to tow. Because a fifth wheel is hitched in the bed of your truck, there is more stability than with a travel trailer which is hooked on the back of a truck of SUV. People who have towed both travel trailers and fifth wheels say it can be difficult to pull a travel trailer, especially in windy conditions, because the trailer will sway from side-to-side. Fifth wheels will have little to no sway, making them easier to tow and less detrimental to your gas mileage.

Choose what your minimum requirements are and compare those with your budget. You may be able to get more amenities at a lower cost by purchasing a used fifth wheel. You should also consider how the fifth wheel will be towed. The type of vehicle used may determine the maximum weight allowed which will affect your decision. Shop around at local dealers and do research on the Internet for the models that will suit your needs.

Buying a fifth wheel is like buying a home or car. They are investments and care should be taken in picking the right one for your needs. Shop multiple dealers and look at several models before deciding on the one you want. Make a visual inspection first to determine if the amenities are what you want and need. Get a list of all the equipment and features included and compare all of them. Make sure it comes with a warranty to cover any maintenance and repairs that may be needed.

These vehicles depreciate quickly so purchasing used ones can be a great value. However, make sure you are getting a quality vehicle. Check the Internet for consumer reports on makes and models. Check every aspect of the fifth wheel for use, wear and damage. Many newer models that are well cared for will be ideal for your use and will not cost as much as a new one.

The important aspect about buying a fifth wheel is to take your time. Research your options. Ask friends or those you know who have purchased them. Get consumer reports on individual models to determine which ones hold up the longest and have the best resale value. Compare prices to be sure you are getting the most features for the best price.


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