Fighters of Liwa al-Adiyat fire US made TOW missile near the Turkish territory 







The FSA linked Liwa Al-Adiyat just posted a video of their fighters firing a recently supplied TOW missile and allegedly destroyed a SAA tank on the top of Chalma mount, next to Kessab. When fighters claim they are positioned in Jbal al Turkmans (Syrian territories) several facts show that they are actually near Turkish soil. This justpaste.it was made in order to collect the evidences of this using open source data and video from Liwa Al-Adiyat. 


-> The Liwa Al-Adiyat's (لواء العادياتvideo was posted to Lattakia's coordination تنسيقية اللاذقية )  youtube channel, posting mainly video from Lattakia Anfal offensive.


Video thumb


  1. Video description 


  • Topography : rebels are evolving in a rocky area resembling to a quarry. 




  • Main distinguishable element is the red water tanker used in quarry industry.(00:04)


  • We have a clear sight of the Chalma, Dapasa and Selderan mount (1:2O)


  • Rebels are targeting the woody side of Chalma mount. 


  • The elevation of TOW launcher shows rebels are +- at same height  than Chalma (+-950 m)


     2.  Possible location : Since we have clear sight of Chalma, Dapasa and Selderan mount, rebels are either south of Chalma or north. West of Chalma is in SAA hands and east is Kessab.  

  • South of Chalma : In the south of Chalma, we can't find any quarry within 4 km (operation range of TOW). The only quarry in Syrian side at 4 km around is located east of Selderan, in SAA hands out of reach of Chalma.  The southern side of Chalma is rocky, few trees while the video show clearly tank in a woody area. Here is the view from south of Chalma compared to the video, there is no match between them. 





  • North Of Chalma : Turkish Side


- There is a quarry 2 km north of Chalma on the top of mount Bashord near the turkish side.  




- top of this quarry,  a red water tanker (+-2,5m) like in the video. 



- We got also a matching rock 





- Comparing the view from the north of Chalma and the view from video.













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