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How a Steam Shower Functions


Picture that you simply got home from school or the workplace. You're feeling exhausted, the body is aching and you're quite a bit distressed. Imagine just sitting on a bench in the shower and being surrounded by steam with a simple press of a button. After a mere 20 minutes, you're going to leave the stall looking refreshed, comfortable and alive.

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This type of situation commonly warrants a trip to a health and fitness spa or fitness center. In these modern times, on the other hand, individuals favor achieving this experience at home. This is accomplished by modernizing one’s regular shower stall straight into a terrific device known as a steam shower. It is not only useful to our skin and respiratory system however it is also much more effective than a whirlpool tub or sauna. Whirlpool tubs use a long time to fill up and saunas also take a while to improve the temperature. Steam showers, on the other hand, should be able to instantaneously generate steam and that can also be turned off just as quick. Best of all, it's possible to rinse himself with a cold shower straight after because of the presence of a shower head.


The steam shower is manipulated by an electronic control panel inside. When the button is pushed, a valve is activated that fills the steam generator with a gallon of water. This water is immediately heated and is channeled through a pipe directly into the stall. The stall will be filled by just enough steam to warm your entire body. The heat range advised to be about to a steady 118 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.

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One could take pleasure in the steam session as long as you want. The water intake of steam is around 1 gallons for almost nearly 20 minutes in the shower. If you compare it to conventional showering, it is a whole lot cheaper simply because regular showers make use of around 40 gallons in identical amount of time.


Although you save in water costs, you are going to spend a little more due to the electric energy it needs. This is because of the steam generator that transforms the water directly into steam. It is really worth bearing in mind that you need to have a more potent steam generator if you have a larger cubicle. Be sure to buy one that can support your unit.



It isn't that easy to install a steam shower. This would call for the aid of several specialists. The first thing you are coping with is obtaining the shower and generator. There are lots of sellers for this at your local shopping malls then again all the more are readily available via the internet. Once you have the shower, you certainly will need a licensed contractor you want to do the installation. One extremely important thing that the contractor has to check would be that the generator is at least 25 feet away from the cubicle. It would be most effective to conceal it in a linen closet or have its own enclosure so that no problems occur. The cubicle region then needs to be tiled well to be able to protect against steam escaping. Once that is ready, all that is left will be to hook up the generator piping towards the cubicle and also the generator towards the outlet.

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Steam Shower cost

You can have a made to order steam shower designed for about £3000. If you are thinking on buying a stand-alone and ready made steam shower, it is going to cost just about anywhere from £600 to £3000.