Created and also routed by Timothy A. Chey, "Slamma Jamma" is a tale regarding faith, redemption and also slam-dunking. Chey, an extremely spiritual man, understood for his documentary film "The Impressive Journey" where he travels around the globe discovering stories of God's wonders. Right here, he infuses a comparable sense of 'hope when faced with difficulty' right into the Slamma Jamma script.

Slamma Jamma" is well-meaning at its heart, there's comedy, some singing as well as a cameo with Jose Canseco ... if you required that semi-celeb name you could recognize. Yet "Slamma Jamma" is heavy on the melodrama in the manuscript. Cue up the violins, over acting as well as shout outs (believe awards reveal acceptance speeches to God). Chris Staples in his role of Michael Diggs, provides a pretty good efficiency (and he's tolerable to consider either!) for his first acting gig. He stated, "I had denied the duty a couple of times due to other commitments, however felt that when they asked a third time and my routine had actually amazingly cleared up, I just knew that this was a duty I was indicated to play."

A previous university basketball celebrity attempts starting a new life after being released from prison in 'Slamma Jamma,' Timothy A. Chey's religious-themed sports drama.
Slamma Jamma is a faith-based dramatization starring real-life slam dunker Chris Staples as a basketball-playing outlaw that goes back to his old L.A. community to transform his life around. There's very little in the method of strong language (uncommon use "damn," "heck," and "oh my God"), sexuality, or material use, but you can anticipate some weapon hazards and violence. A store clerk is shot and also eliminated in a burglary, though visitors don't see the bullet land. And also gang members who market drugs are included in the story. Looter alert: A major personality dies in a long, depressing hospital scene. Christian messages are provided throughout (i.e., "God will certainly be with us;" "God has a plan"), as well as fans who like high-flying jumps over males and also motorcycles may enjoy the basketball activity.


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Unless you're a follower of the physical act of the slam dunk (of which there are plenty in this film), there's absolutely nothing to suggest in this artless redemption tale. The story has zero surprises, as well as, strangely enough, redemption isn't also an element. The criminal fees that sent out Michael to prison were incorrect, so he never needed redeeming. But he consistently speaks about being a "changed male."

Exactly what's more, writer-director Timothy A. Chey relies upon every city cliche. An abundant professional athlete and battling underdog vie for the heart of a great woman. The gang life supplies gravy train-- if only the hero will sell his soul. The climactic competition impends large, with never ever a question regarding the result. Slamma Jamma has a suitable message-- hanging onto faith and stamina is a decisive way to rise from the ashes of younger "mistakes"-- but the movie itself is weighed down by numerous missed out on possibilities that it's hard to see.