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Engineer from Kingrun Instrument will introduce the information about how to properly employ the turn ratio tester

March 29, 2014-China-As a professional Turn ratio tester manufacturer and supplier, the engineer from Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd thinks that they have the responsibility to tech each consumer and user about how to properly use this sore of testing instrument as it will be frequently used to test the turn ratio of Transformer which may be very dangerous. Now, please carefully read this article to get the properly using method for this device.


First, the operator must not touch the tested products in the process of measuring. Otherwise, it will cause into unimaginable situation. If people must do some work to the tested products, please pay more attention to prepare the enough protective measurement.

Secondly, if people meet with the short-circuit situation of the test line which will lead to the condition of reversely connection of high and low voltage, the insurance will be easily melted. After the melted of the assurance fuse, if people measure the transformer again, the display of the Transformer DC resistance tester will show with people the error marking. In this case, please shut down the device and then replace the same capacity Insurance fuse.

Thirdly, before each time of testing, the user need to carefully check whether each past of this turn ratio tester has been better connected. Furthermore, the instrument should be well grounded. This step is very crucial for protecting personnel security.

Fourthly, the applying environment for the instrument should be away from the strong electric field, magnetic field and the high-frequency devices. The smaller power supply interference, the better of the testing result. If interference from the power supply os still very large, the user could applies the purify AC power which is greater than the capacity of 200VA.

Fifth, if operator meet with the LCD disorder in the testing process and all the key buttons do not have the related responding or the measured value has very large difference with the actual value, operator should press the reset button or turn off the power and then try to open it again. Furthermore, if the monitor does not display the characters or the screen is very light in color displaying, people could adjust brightness potentiometer to the appropriate location.
In the dark places, people can turn on the backlight. On the other hand, if people do not use this instrument, it should be kept in dry and ventilated place.

After here, all attentively points for the using of Transformer turn ratio tester have already been listed. The engineer from Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd hope each user could safety use their turn ratio tester in their working process. For more information, please visit their website by the following information.
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