Total Statistic:

Town: 8 wins of 12 (67%)

Mafia: 3 of 4 (75%)

All: 11 of 16 (69%)

Hosted: 1 S-FM


All games:


One Piece:
Citizen (FM Soul King Brook), Win

This was my first FM ever and as such a milestone of my FM history and I'm glad I won it. It was a five sided setup and I was part of the Town who even won alone in the end (in 5 sides you can win with an other faction). In my opinion I did quite well for my first FM; I already pegged some scums by looking at their posts. Performance: 7/10

Avatar: Mammoth Tank from Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

S-FM 74 Alice in Wonderland: Godfather, Win

My first SFM, but more importantly my first game and win as mafia. I wasn't lynched here, but still I felt like my scum play still needed some work, as I was a bit lurky, though that was probably mostly because of my timezone. Mates were NoctiZ as Drug Dealer and Bahkieh as Acress. Orpz won with us as Witch. Performance: 6/10

S-FM 73 Weapon Maker: Citizen, Win, MVP

This was a unique setup, basicly the Weapon Maker and his apprentice give out weapons to the Town who has to kill them. I received a weapon in the first night and shot the Weapon Maker. Next day then I also knew who was most likely the Apprentice and was an important part of his lynch. I was voted for MVP but ika (host) never made it official. When I asked him in pm who got MVP, he said I got it, making this game my second personal milestone. I definitely think I deserved the award. Performance: 9/10

S-FM 75 The Walking Dead: Consigliere, Defeat

First game I lost. I was Milton, the Consigliere. Mates were Bujeebus as Consort and Mintberry Crunch as Janitor. Unfortunately, my mates weren't really active and didn't even submit all their night actions (I couldn't submit for them in this setup). Also the Walkers (Cult) didn't really spread, so that was an easy win for the Town. Cryptonic (host) rated me as best scum, for what that's worth. Performance: 6/10

S-FM 78 Bus Drivers: Lookout, Win

Unique setups with lots of Bus Drivers and 2 Arsonists where I rolled Lookout. It was an easy victory for us, because we found the Arsonists quickly. Performance: 7/10

S-FM 80 Trust: Mason Leader, Defeat

Another unique setup, with Cult that can side with Town (apart from Masons) or not. I got Mason Leader and was killed midgame. In the end the Cult won without the Town. Performance: 6/10

FM XVIII Brave New World: Investigator (FM Cafarelli), Defeat, Best Town

In this game with Mafia and Cult I rolled Investigator. I pulled a gambit to get the Arsonist lynched in early game. Unfortunately, I had to reveal for this, which caused me being feedback prevented by the Mafia's Drug Dealers almost every night for the rest of the game, not being able to find more scums by my night action. But I could still post in day chat and I used it to guide the poorly doing mayor (who was sheeped by everyone) to do the right things. In the end we didn't have the numbers to win though. In the end it was 1 Savage (Cult) who could kill vs 1 Mafia, so it would have been a Draw, but the Mafia Damus_Graves broke the rule by skyping with dead players and was modkilled for it. Clementine (host) gave me the deserved Best Town award (the one which you can see in my signature), but it wasn't enough for Town MVP (which wasn't awarded to anyone) unfortunately, so I still have to work for my teal name. Nevertheless the award was my third milestone. Performance: 9/10

Avatar: Carley from Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1

S-FM 89 Fist of the North Star: Citizen, Win

Standard SFM, I rolled Citizen and Town played out their victory. Performance: 7/10

M-FM 19 Avatar - The Last Airbender - Book 1 Water: Aang (La), Win

I rolled Aang, the most important Town role, and died night 1. This was really annoying, as I hoped to do well and have a great game as Aang. Doesn't happen all the time you get such awesome roles. Anyway, I'm glad the Town could pull their victory without me. Performance: 5/10 (average because I lived too short to really tell)

Avatar: La from Avatar - The Last Airbender

M-FM 20 Voodoo: Citizen (Galbaud), Win

This was when the crisis started. The crisis was that I got bored of FMs and didn't really want to spend my time on them anymore. But I signed up, so I played, more or less. I made some Fallout RP to make the game more interesting for me, which eventually got me shot by a Vigilante, who thought RP is a scumtell (disputable I'd say). The Town won this easily. I didn't do well of course, because I only spent as much time as necessary on it. Performance: 2/10

Avatar: Brotherhood of Steel Soldier from Fallout 3

FM XX Return to New Marais: Citizen/Mason (FM Ral Zarek), Defeat

After the last MFM I didn't realize the crisis just yet. I thought it was just for this one game, I didn't know I would be bored again. So I signed and rolled Citizen (who was converted to Masons late game). Unfortunately, I was so bored, that I didn't contribute anything at start and didn't even read the thread. People thought I am obvious scum, but I wasn't lynched though. Then luckily in midgame, holidays arrived and I got enough time to actually play. And I wasn't even so bad then, having most scums pegged, but it was too late already and we lost. This FM was a bad experience, not just because of my personal crisis but also because of the game itself. The setup wasn't balanced in my opinion, it was almost Reverse Mafia, one mistake (mislynch) already brought doom upon the Town, because of the sheer number and especially KPN of scum. Additionally the 2 scum factions allied against the Town, making our victory almost impossible. And the hardcore scum AFKs, who didn't post at all, were never modkilled (though Townies were), which hurt us badly because we trusted on this, so we didn't deal with them. Performance: 2/10

Avatar: Shinichi Kudo from 名探偵コナン (Meitantei Konan)

S-FM 128 Average City: Drug Dealer, Win

After the last FM I felt down and didn't want to play again. But then after some time, for some reason, I signed up for this SFM and it actually was fun again. I rolled Drug Dealer with ika as Blackmailer and Orpz as Godfather. ika found some cool way how we could use Blackmailer in combination with Drug Dealer to get 50% chance for an extra kill each night. With that and our quite good day performance we could pull our victory. I was pretty content with my scum play this time, I wasn't lynched and people didn't even suspect me from day behaviour. I got the only vote for MVP and some others agreed that either me or ika should become MVP, but RLVG (host) didn't award it because there was just one vote. Performance: 8/10

M-FM 21 Hunger Games: Mafia Remover (The Boy with the Bad Leg), Win

I rolled Mafia again and picked up a weapon (special mechanic) that made me Remover (could remove other's weapons). Mates were RLVG, Azuriae, Gerik and Orpz. I did pretty well in day chat and was town read by many people, but finally they figured I was scum, because of my night actions as Remover. The lynch was between my and a Townie and fortunately I managed to pull of the mislynch to survive another day, because I had gained enough towncred in day chat. This mislynch was essential for our victory, making it possible for Orpz to pull off the one missing mislynch for our glorious victory. In general our scum team did pretty well in this game and Town didn't. Orpz won MVP because he was the one that made us finally win. Performance: 8/10

Avatar: Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars

S-FM 130 Flexibility: Host

4th milestone as the first game I hosted. It played out pretty well and the setup has shown to be pretty balanced, I think. It was fun to host and I also have plans to host future games, especially an MFM.

M-FM 22 Avatar - The Last Airbender - Book 2 Earth: Citizen (Kyoshi Warrior #37), Win

I preferred Aang again, but I rolled Citizen this time. I tricked Zuko, the neutral killing Jailor into letting me live, but because of that people thought I was scum and almost lynched me early game, but I could prevent it literally last second. After that I did a great job contributing to find the rest of the poorly playing scums and we got them lynched soon. Performance: 7/10

Avatar: Random Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar - The Last Airbender

S-FM 131 Reversed Mafia: Vigilante/Mason, Defeat

This setup was called Reversed Mafia, because Town was the minority. I rolled Vigilante but was converted to Masons night 1 before even shooting someone. We then lost this, because we got very unlucky. Performance: 6/10

FM XXI Vikings*: Detective (FM Costa Rica), Win

A setup with a lot of neutrals. I rolled Detective and did pretty well. My night actions were fine, for instance I found 2 neutral killers and cleared some very scummy guys preventing their lynch. In early game I tried to stay low in day chat, which helped me stay alive, and in late game I contributed more. I even pulled a cool gambit that got one neutral killer I found lynched without having to reveal. In the end I revealed to get the other killer lynched, which got me killed. But Town still won well deserved and I was an important part of it. Performance: 8/10

Avatar: Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 and 3



Performance is a relative rating of how well I played in my own opinion.

10/10 means perfect play, no mistakes, obvious MVP

5/10 means average play

0/10 means worst play, nothing contributed at all, just lurked, found instantly as scum, scumread as town

*: Unofficial name, not confirmed by host