Eulogy of Abu Khalid al-Suri by Dr. Zawahiri

Translated by: @Markaz_Sham - https://twitter.com/Markaz_Sham


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1. Attiyallah al-Libi talking about the importance of Muslim blood saying Allah prefers to see destruction of this Dunya over spilling Muslim blood.
2. Clips of Bin Laden and Zawahiri visiting al-Farouq Camp in Qandahar with Abu Khalid al-Suri present.
3. Attiyallah: "Let us sacrifice our groups and our organisations and our projects and that no Muslim's blood is spilt unjustly.
4. Peace and Blessings on the Prophet and his Family. To all the Muslims everywhere, Salam alaykum. Today I congratulate and send condolences the Muslim Nation.
5. As for the congratulation, it is for the Martyrdom of Abu Khalid al-Suri and may we join him. As for the condolences it's for this blind Fitnah that has befell on Sham.
6. And for this poor offender (suicide bomber) who was deceived, pushed for the sake of ignorance and Hawa and agression and greed for power.
7...and greed for power to kill a Shaykh of the Shuyokh of Jihad, who spent the prime of his youth a Mujahid, and a trainer, and a Muhajir and a spreader of the Truth.
8. And patient on imprisonment and he did not waver, nor back down despite the severity of what he was facing.
9. I knew him since the Jihad against the Russians and and knew him to be a companion of Abu Musab al-Suri, May God release him, until he (Abu Khalid) was captured in Pakistan.
10. The last message I received from him was before 10 years, before his arrest, and he supported me in a speech I wrote.
11. I said in it that victory was just a matter of patience, then he was arrested and the link between us was cut off.
12. Until the blessed Syrian revolution started, and the flag of Jihad was raised and the pursuit to establish the Islamic State.
13. The Islamic State that ruls by Shariah, spreads Justice, has Shura and will free Jerusalem and all the occupied Muslim lands and....
14....will help the oppressed and will get rid of foreign dependency. And will cleanse the Lands of he corruption.
15. Then Allah made it easy for us to establish contacts after he saved him from imprisonment by the Nusayri bathists. And he was for me and my brothers a good adviser.
16. And he (Abu Khalid) told me that he spent 7 years with with his teacher and companion Abu Musab al-Suri until they were separated. May God free Abu Musab.
17. And he told me that he saw in Sham the seeds of Fitnah (discord) that he witnessed in Peshawar. The Fitnah of ignorance and Hawa and injustice.
18. The one that allows blood to be spilt and rights be violated based on suspicions and hawa and greed.
19. Which reminds me of a funny yet sad story that happened to me in Peshawar where I met the beloved brother Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.
20. I said to him: There's a group out there that makes Takfir of me for not making Takfir of the afghan Mujahidin.
21. So he laughed and said: Don't you you know they made Takfir of me for not making Takfir of you.
22. It's this Jahl (ignorance) and Hawa and greed that did not even respect the sanctity of Uthman bin Affan.
23. And they did not care for the sanctity of Ali bin Abi Talib, so one of them stabbed him as he was praying the Morning prayer.
24. This Fitnah is what Abu Khalid saw and started warning about it - until God decreed that he would be one of its Martyrs.
25. And it is this Fitnah that does not care for any sanctity or old age or predescence or Jihad or Hijrah or patience in prison or steadfastness on the truth.
26. And this Fitnah needs all Muslims to repel it and that they form a public opinion against it....
27. And against anyone that does not accept Independent Sharia court, and I stress on "independent" ...
28. As there is no lesson/example where the judges are chosen by opponents.
29. And it is a must on every Muslim and Mujahid to distance himself from anyone who refuses that.
30. And it's on every Muslim and Mujahid to not get involved in the blood of the Mujahidin....
31. And he should refuse to blow up their headquarters and kill their Sheikhs, who tired all the criminals seeking ways to kill them.
32. so these extremist fools came and spilt Haram blood. And it's a must on Muslims to not support those who blow up Mujahideen bases..
33. And sends car bombs to them and human bombs and that they should stop supporting them in any way.
34. And whoever falls in this sin should remember that he's achieving something for the enemies of Islam which they could not have.
35. The killing of Abu Khalid al-Suri reminds of the murder of the two Shaykhs Mohammad al-Saed and al-Rajjaam on the hands of the GIA.
36. Which represented the moral death for that group which followed by its physical death.
37. And the ones responsible for that crime will not be hidden for they were preceded by the criminals of GIA who also denied killing them.
38. As for you Abu Khalid, we say Goodbye and ask God to accept your greying hair in Jihad, Hijrah and prison and the gives patience to your family.
39. And to your lovers and the supporters of Jihad who where shaken by your loss.
40. Zawahiri then praises Abu Khalid's life in poetry until he was killed treacherously by ignorants.
41. He says Abu Khalid isn't the only one as it happened to Ali and Otham as well.
42. He says they will only implement Shariah in Syria and to cleanse the lands of the Rawafid and Bathists, the protectors of Israel.
43. He attacks ISIS, and their greed for power and that they will violate sanctities and that their ancestors killed the Caliphate while  praying.
44. He says their descendants in Sham will be disappointed and That God is enough as a guider and protector/supporter.