Exposing the International Space Station (ISS) Hoax


For the researchers who have arrived here, this may bring a new perspective. For the naysayers who may call this yet another conspiracy theory, I challenge you to explore with an open mind and to examine the anomalies that exist, because this is often where the LIES are exposed.  Btw: "conspiracy theorist" is a derogatory term for those who dare to challenge the official story and use critical thinking to do so.

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Video is only 73 seconds

Originally found at: https://twitter.com/StationCDRKelly/status/642434558508466176


Enlarge to full screen for easier viewing, then watch again - many of the objects that were on the table - floating, then stationary. Flying fruit, then stationary.  Appropriate music too, since first the guys are stationary, then later they cannot remain seated.


Speaking of fruit, according to this article, they do NOT have fresh fruit in "space" =  Life Aboard the ISS   Doubtful any "velcro" is used on fruit.  Watch it again, especially the grapefruit.


Did you catch that all the other floating objects stopped in the last sequence?....and the only reason for different film sequences (did you notice the fading in & out?) - was to change the prop set up and perhaps remove some of the "wire" harnesses.


The logical conclusion after all these anomalies? - this was filmed at a movie/TV set, not in space!  Yes folks, these are Actornauts !



Clear images of Earth are presented all the time supposedly taken from the Station - BUT - how can any camera take a picture when traveling at nearly 5 miles per second?  That is reportedly the speed of the International Space Station


 More research on NASA hoax  - there are countless others, yet prefer short & concise.




multiple images of ISS


There is NO way you're able to see the ISS if it's 250 miles above Earth !


yet, NASA wants you to believe that it's possible -





Photos of earth look as though they were taken from 7 miles up ?

.... and what magical camera lens can zoom down from 250 miles away?!

EXAMPLE: http://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/space-station-flyover-of-super-bowl-50

this photo taken supposedly while traveling at 17,500 MPH



Exploring beyond low orbit is the goal?!  Click this link below to go to article:

Hmmm? We were told these Actornauts had been to the moon.

"We are now demonstrably closer to sending

American astronauts beyond low earth orbit".


Here's a similar admission:




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In case you're wondering (like my always inquisitive challenging mind) -

how come the capsule seems to always land back on Earth in Kazakhstan?


That's because it's the home of the world's first & largest operational space launch facility.

Not too far away from:












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We are sold & told that the standard cruising altitude for jetliners is between 32-37K feet (6-7 miles), yet look at the Target Altitude of this transcontinental flight is 9K displayed @ 13:20 mark:
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Why is this significant?

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Instructor talks about /shows oxygen levels on planes

and puts his oxygen mask at 10K @ 11:28 mark. 

It should be noted that he was not in a "pressurized cabin"

but it's interesting nonetheless.



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