Expert Advice on How to Last Longer in Bed

Many guys come way to soon and get too excited early in sexual intercourse so they do not satisfy the women. That is the worst. Thank god I never had this problem. My girls are always satisfied. I want to share some of my secrets with you so you too can learn how to last longer in bed.

Slow Down

The first thing is to slow down, that is the number one way how to last longer in bed. Slow down speed racer! Stop your pumping and just chill, go in and out slow. Make some sounds, this will make her more excited too. Sometimes go fast, but never your fastest, unless you have to hurry or want to be known as a premature ejaculator. At the end you can bust out your speed racer moves, but only after she has been pleased and you had your fun.

Do Not Think About Sex

The last thing you ever want to do when having sex is think about sex, especially when you first penetrate. You should be thinking about the ball game, the news, something funny that happened today, anything, but whatever you do, do not think about sex, or any part of a women. If you do, you may bust right away. Learning how to last long in bed is all in your mind, so you must control your mind and not think about sex.


Stop? Are you kidding? No. When you start feeling yourself like you’re about to bust a nut, stop. Not only will you not bust, but it will drive her crazy! She will know she almost pleased you, but didn’t. That will make 2 things happen. 1. she will try to please you even more. 2. You get round two! Exciting! Make sure you stop soon enough, because once you pass ‘that point of no return’ you will not be able to stop your self.

Change Positions

Changing positions will give you the small break you need to start a new round and lower your sexual peak so you can start again. Remember that once you start a new position to go slow, you don’t want it to be so good that you’re done in a minute. Also, ask her how that feels, she will tell you if she likes it or not and then your mind will be on her, not on yourself which will help you hold out longer.

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