Eve vs Endy mattress review


Endy mattress is a Canadian based company that offers its customers mattress in box options. Endy mattress is made of different layers of foam and it aims to provide the customers with the

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ultimate comfort experience.  

Eve mattress is a UK based company and the offer mattresses made of memory foam. The Eve mattresses have been made after extensive research and they are of medium firmness. They aim to help sleepers get rid of joint pains and body aches. 


Eve vs Endy mattress edge support

The Endy mattress has quite a reasonable edge support and it provides excellent support to individuals who like to sit on the edge of the mattress. However, it is most supportive of individuals who are lightweight or medium weight. Individuals who are heavier in weight have experienced sinkage on the edges of the mattress check it out here

On the contrary, the Eve mattress has very good edge support and does not have a lot of sinkage on the edges. However, some customers with heavyweight have complained about the slight contour on the edges. Overall, Eve has better edge support than Endy. 


Eve vs Endy mattress firmness

The Eve mattress is considered to be of medium firmness. It is rated as 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This mattress is preferable for people who like their mattress to be on a more firm side. The base layer of the mattress contributes to its firmness. The firmness of the mattress helps the sleepers release their pain. 


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 is also a medium firm mattress. It falls to be 6.5 on the firmness scale. The different layers of memory foam and polyfoam give it a comfortable feel and firmness. It is suitable for most of the sleepers. There is a slight contour and sinkage when you sleep on the mattress. This helps sleepers to relax in a better way. Being on the firmer side it is a good option for people who like to toss around while sleeping. 


Eve vs Endy mattress motion isolation 

Endy mattress is known for its motion isolation. It has one of the best motion isolation any mattress has to offer. The is no motion transfer on Endy and partners can enjoy sleeping together without disturbing each other. The Eve mattress is also a very good mattress for motion isolation. There is minimal motion transfer which adds to the qualities of the mattress. However, when compared, Endy has a better motion isolation