What Are the Essential Farm Equipment You Should Possess

Farming is deemed as one of the oldest occupation and a channel of trade for humans. With the rising population chomping their way off the globe, farming has only seen a positive upsurge and has embraced the power of machines to become more productive. Modern-day farmers involved in large scale production seek the assistance of efficient machines to speed up the cycle of planting, harvesting and selling their produce. If you too are looking towards farming as a fast and profitable business, John Deere - a leading farm equipment supplier in the UK, presents to you a list of the necessary equipment you need to have.


  • Farm Tractor: A tractor is a piece of classic farm equipment primarily used for pushing or pulling agricultural tools. It’s a definite tool whether you intend to cultivate crops or herd livestock. Tractor’s found today have come a long way from their traditional image of being rough & hardy country rides to sophisticated & powerful vehicles. The size, functionality and price of the farm tractor will certainly vary, depending on what you need it to do. In addition to the tractor, you’ll also need tractor implements such as mowers, seeders, hay balers or manure spreaders. Tractors are pretty much only vehicles unless equipped with the right attachments. The tractor and implement must match in size to allow the tractor to operate at their optimum speed.

    farm tractor by John Deere, UK 

  • Forage Harvester: A forage harvester can be attached to a tractor, or can be used as a self-propelled unit. It is a farm implement that harvests forage plants to make silage. Silage refers to grass, corn or other plants that have been chopped into small pieces, and compacted together into silos, bunkers or bags. It is then fermented to provide feed for livestock.


  • Combine Harvester: The combine harvester has evolved into a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. The name derives from its combining three separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process. It is used to harvest a variety of crops such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn (maize), sorghum, soybeans, flax (linseed), sunflowers and canola. The separated straw is then either chopped, spread on the field and ploughed back in or baled for bedding and providing feed for livestock. John Deere has a wide range of combine harvester for sale with easy financing options.


  • Balers: Balers are wonderful equipment which collects the cut grass or hay and compresses them into bales of cylinders or cubes for ease of storage & transport. Find the best-priced baler machine for sale at John Deere.


  • Ploughs: A plough or a plow is a farm implement used to loosen the soil and prepare it for sowing seeds. Ploughing overturns the soil to expose it to the nutrients while the weeds & other remains are buried to let them eventually turn into compost.


  • Sprayers: Sprayers are used to project liquids on the field such as weed killers, crop performance materials, pest maintenance chemicals, as well as manufacturing and production line ingredients. One of the most critical stages of crop production is the period between planting and harvesting. Crops need fertilizer to supply the necessary nutrients required for proper growth and development. Young crop plants should also be taken care of to eliminate weeds and infestation by crop pests and insects. Explore your options with self-propelled sprayers for sale from John Deere.


If you do not have any experience at farming, the most practical resource of information will be other farmers especially the ones operating at a similar scale. You can ask them about the advantages and drawbacks of the machines you are planning to purchase. Visit John Deere dealer and we will technically guide you to the best purchase to suit your specific requirements.