OK, another EXCLUSIVE (by @IraqiWitness). This is the Takfir of Taliban/OBL by ISIS Shar'is. They claimed on Twitter that it was all hypothetical. You decide.

There are three people talking Abu Muhammad Al-Tunisi Shar'i of Hasakah, Abu Musab al-Tunisi, Shar'i of Deir ez-Zour And Abu Usamah al-Iraqi, Wali (governor) of Hasakah. The audio is at times inaudible because peope are talking through each other.

.....Taliban government has an unrecognized ambassador in the UN and has an embassy in KSA, UAE and Pakistan and wanted one in Oman. The first country to renounce contacts was Saudi ARabia so America praised Saudi's position towards the Taliban's Emirate.

Questioner: So if these things are proven will you Make Takfeer of the Taliban?


*Distorted* Of course, yes. *Distorted*AbdeSalam Da'eef is ambassador of TAliban in UN. *Banner says: Representative is Abdul Hakim Mujahid. Da'eef is ambassador in Pakistan.


"This is apostasy, this is apostasy." "This was in the time of Osama bin Laden." If this is correct whats your position? "Apostasy, apostasy".

He used to go to UN, but he didn't get a seat, he was waiting for a seat in the UN (Taliban representative). 

Standing in front of the door alone is apostasy. But manifesting their Kufr depends on interests and evil (that come from it). For example I could see it as our interest not to make Takfeer of the Taliban. 

On Video: "Then why did you make it a condition that the groups say the ruling on the governments of neighboring countries."



If this issue (wanting to join UN) is proven, and their apostasy is proven then it won't increase us except in faith. Do you know why? Because according to Ibn Hawala's Hadith Jihad will stop everywhere except in Sham, Iraq and Yemen.


As for Sheikh Osama when he sees this Kufr & he's sitting amongst them. Is staying quiet also Kufr? For not condemning/ making it clear.


"Bin Laden before the invasion praised them." "Maybe Bin Laden adviced them in private without making it public." "Does he have to make it public?" "He won't commit Kufr if he doesn't make it public." "But if Sheikh Osamah saw this Kufr and did not make Takfeer of Taliban then his ruling is like theirs (apostates). "This is hard." "There were Sahabah that apostatized from the religion."

"Afghanistan, As for this guy, what's his name Musharraf?" "Karzai" [Note on video: Ignorance of reality/situation] Karza is the one recognized by the world, so how can there be a government within a government? Is this like Palestine in Israel. (Correcting) No this is before Karzai.