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They dont know or dont want to tell what is happening inside he facility. They are playing time but why? What is realy happening inside there: is there fire still alive? The situation is very dangerous snce it is underground. If the radiation keeps high, no-one can enter the facility and there isnt easy way to cool down the burning nuclear material, like in Fuku where the reactors and spent fuel pools are above ground (or were).

The officials describe the event as "puff" when there came about hunder thousand cubic meters of smoke: having yet unkown amount of plutonium and other radiactive particles + poisonous gases.

It is not like, you going to drop dead: usually the cancer takes 5-20 years to develope: sooner when you get more plutonium particles. But when plutonium has been tested on animals: they simply havent found so tiny amount, that it wouldnt somewhere in your life, cause cancer.

The amounts of plutonium released is calculated to be many hundred grams. In theory, if every particle was inhaled bu humans: it would make cancer to tens of thousands!

Screencap I took today 2.3. Something is very wrong! The CPM is at 20-50 times above normal at multiple places. What is the officials doing to this?? Nothing. Since EPA monitors only measure gamma radiation and plutonium & americum emit only alpha-radiation. So the radiatcive particles are invisible to their monitors. And maybe those monitors were designed to be that way so in events like this, they dont need to do anything?

EPA is delivering portable radiation measurement devices at the facility _maybe_ in a week. They seem to hope the radiation has stopped leaking by then and even their special aplha-monitors then will be at normal.

Source: https://www.netc.com/

Seems like the winter storm is moving the plutonium particles all over to eastern America:

Finland authorities have closed down all the monitors in Ladland, where the jestream from America is coming. When Fuku exploded, they closed their whole websites for weeks. When Chernobyl exploded, our gov just collected all the public radiation meters from fire stations etc. and didnt tell people shit.

Kuva: Finland authorities have closed down all the monitors in Ladland, where the jestream from America is coming. http://www.stuk.fi/sateily-ymparistossa/sateilytilanne/fi_FI/sateilytilanne/




Seems like EPA is taking all their monitors offline also, where the radiation gets too high..

Only 4 of the 20 offline monitors have been offline before the WIPP plutonium release.

Coincidences? I dont belive coincidences.


Officially the facility is for ""licensed to permanently dispose of transuranic radioactive waste for 10,000 years[1] that is left from the research and production of nuclear weapons."

Thats why I named the article with nuclear warhead, since they have weaponized plutonium there.
So when they mix weaponized plutonium enough with uranium etc. its not anymore dangerous? Just like they did on Fuku: just mixed the Fuku rice with rice from another places so its "safe".

They are now concentrating on "fixing the ventilation" so the releases could be stopped. They claim the plutonium releases are now minimum since they have activated filters to the air coming out of the plant. In the meanwhile, independet university is denied to make measurements from the air nearby the facility. And the gov itself isnt taking any actions for publishing data how much there is currently coming out the radiation still?

On 28. day they changed their statement into " likely at very low levels " when they first sayed just "low levels. Also now the original three weeks have changed into many months to stop the leak. There is no statement what caused the leak and what is the status of the nuclear accident.

Also now it is instead "no danger" of this: "the department is not 100 percent certain, but is pretty sure the surrounding population centers are safe."

Pretty sure? They say their priority is to protect the peope. Then why they dont tell people to stay indoors when its confirmed that plutonium is leaking out of the facility? Instead, they are only protecting the industry and lying!

New test results reveal that the air filter "my have not been working". The gov is busted for lying the leak!

CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results (pdf), Feb. 27, 2014:

109 Yards NW of WIPP Exhaust Shaft — Sample time Feb. 11-18

  • Pu239+240: 0.115 Bq per sample [39 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.004 Bq per sample]
  • Pu238:  0.004 Bq per sample [Never detected since testing began in 1997]
  • Am241: 1.3 Bq per sample [2600 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.0005 Bq per sample]"CEMRC director Russell Hardy discussed the normal levels during the resident meeting earlier this week in Carlsbad: “I just want to reiterate, normally we do see ‘0’. For my radio-chemists, ‘0’ is not good enough. I don’t know how they balance a check book, because they don’t stop until they get to eight zeroes past the decimal point — that’s normally what we see.”This means a normal reading is at most 0.000000009 Bq per sample — making the recent Pu239+240 sample equal to 12,777,778 times higher than normal, and the Am241 sample 144,444,444 times normal levels."

Corporate media states, that these facts "spark conspiracy theories." I just wonder, what really here is a conspiracy when the gov is busted for lying all the time? It really isnt a big secret anymore, what game they play.

OK now this is interesting piece of evidence. Seems like they ordered 1200 radiation suits to Albuquerque on Feb 20.

It seems they know very well how bad the situation is at WIPP.. Too bad they dont want to tell you but are preparing for the worse themself!


1.3. comes out new info, these quotes are surprisingly from corporate media which now seems to be taking this issue into publicity:

"Investigators now admit that the problem is serious […] a container of radioactive waste leaked underground at the WIPP [...] they admit it’s too soon to tell how dangerous it could be for those exposed. […] A piece of salt is believed to have fallen from a cavern ceiling and crushed drums of waste [...] the most likely scenario is that a huge chunk of salt fell from the ceiling and ruptured a drum or multiple drums of waste. [...] Nobody knows exactly what happened. That’s one of the strange things about this [...] Unfortunately, nobody can go underground to find out what’s happened. [...] plutonium and americium, which if lodged in the body bombards internal organs with subatomic particles for the rest of the person’s lifetime."

Also the gov is now "re-analyzing" the samples. I think they are just playing time. Soon they will say "they are very sorry" like TEPCO when their measurements were "acidentally" ten or hundred folds wrong.

EPA is to deploy radiation monitors at site so they can see the levels without delay when they analyze the filters. They say they will do it in a week. Why not now? And why there isnt those monitors in the first place? Gov is playing time and just tries to downplay this.

What if the radiation gets stronger and no-one can enter there ever? What if more ceiling collapses and the plutonium will start to evaporate more rapidly? Are we facing Fukushima-type situation here?

Global authority RSOE states the accident serious level "unknown": the bastards in control at the nuclear warhead bunker just dont want to tell what is happening there!


They say its "only as dangerous as eating bananas" but why they have made a statement, that they can only enter the place at three weeks from now? Gov people dot like bananas hmm? It was university 20 miles away whoblowed the whistle. And now that university has been PREVENTED to make any more analysis of their samples.

Why? Is there some kind of copyright of gov bananaplutonium in the air and they want exclusive reports from the release?

Also, why it took in the first place like 5 days they even made the statement that there is airborne release of plutonium: the planets most dangerous and vicious substance? It still has bee named after Hades aka Pluto: the ruler of the underworld..

But somewhere in the way hell changed into bananas. I dont trust bananascience and neither should you.

If you are waiting for official statements to take cover, it will be already then too late when they (if they) come.

Video from the smoke (was this the only fire, we dont know but the radiation keeps coming)

Video thumb

Better video:


Picture of plutonium particle in lungs. Notice, that the particle itself is thousands of times smaller than our cells and it cannot be seen in this picture. But you can see, how this tiny particle destroys everything which is near it.

The body cannot get rid of plutonium since ever cell that is trying to remove it gets toasted! If you inhale plutonium particle, it is amost 100% sure you will get cancer some time in your life.. Maybe you now understand why the whole plutonium is a taboo to the nuclear gov?

When radioactive iodine is given to people who have thyroid cancer, the patient is in quarantine and all his pee and poo is collected to separate tanks untill they dont radiate anymore: the staff will use lead shieldings on clothes.

The Bq amount of the iodine is only 0.00000007! How the hell billions of time more radioactive plutonium _isnt_ any dangerous but in fact: nutritious as banana?


Did you know EPA radiation monitors were offline one day 23-24 feb? "Technical error". Also they went down when Fukushima plume was about to hit America on 2011. The same thing did our radiation authority here on Finland: they closed their whole netsite for weeks and all radiation data was unavailable due to "techincal error".

The simple plan is that you make a closed atmoshpere inside your home with plants – also then when in some time you have purified ground where the plants grow, you can truly have organic food to yourself.


Seems like most of the people working with this are just eager to enjoy their fearporn games.

I am very disapoint to see even Mochizuki Iori blocking me from facebook for presenting this idea, which could save lives:


Are you going to block me also or are you going to work with me? Why dont you make a small article about the idea. Even the poorest of us can afford getting seeds and soil, some energysaving lamps to produce photosynthesis indoors.










Corporation media:




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