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"'Slamma Jamma' is a story concerning how you could redeem on your own from one of the most horrific situations as well as triumph," stated Tim Chey of RiverRain Productions, that both composed and directed the movie. "It has to do with just how willpower will certainly always cause triumph."The basketball film showcases real-life basketball gamers Chris Staples, Doorperson Maberry, Rafal "Lipek" Lipinski, Guy Dupuy and Kenny Dobbs, that all take part in slam-dunk competitions. It additionally stars sports celebrities Michael Irvin as well as Jose Canseco. Irvin plays a sports representative that has a combative connection with Maberry's character.


Michael, A former college basketball celebrity attempts beginning a new life after being released from jail in 'Slamma Jamma. Film opened up with excellent target market assesses & every person likes this motion picture. Michael, the man that took the Chicago Bulls to 6 world championships and also still has his very own line of successful shoes. We're discussing Michael Diggs, that can've been just as good as any one of 'em. Movie demonstrates how any person can conquer misfortune and also win.

The movie opens with Michael at the elevation of his college career. Yet rather than forging a high-paying job in the majors, he however makes a negative decision. He got overtaken gang members that so typically wander the streets of L.a. Michael, to his surprise, is convicted of a criminal activity he really did not commit. This requires him to leave his budding occupation, single mommy, sibling as well as girlfriend behind. Slamma Jamma is well-meaning at its heart, there's comedy, some singing as well as a cameo with Jose Canseco ... if you required that semi-celeb name you could recognize. Yet Slamma Jamma is heavy on the melodrama in the script. Cue up the violins, over acting as well as shout outs (think honors reveal approval speeches to God).

Chris Staples in his role of Michael Diggs, delivers a respectable efficiency (as well as he's not bad to take a look at either!) for his very first acting job. He specified, "I had refused the role a few times due to other dedications, however really felt that when they asked a 3rd time as well as my schedule had astonishingly improved, I felt in one's bones that this was a role I was suggested to play." The very best component concerning "Slamma Jamma" is the dribble and also soaking scenes throughout the film.

I'm very little of a basketball fan, however the soaking scenes and also comedic small talk amongst the various other gamers will certainly appeal to all. The movie was a little corny as well as syrupy once in a while yet it was an overall very good, positive film. It was almost like the movie critic was out to get the actors and also manufacturers for no reason. The movie critic appeared to relish being cruel and his strikes were not only baseless, yet likewise not true. We need to all be so fortunate to have the chance to see a movie that features an individual that in fact tries to manage these issues without making judgment calls and instead offer resolutions to troubles.

This was good because they were able to see the effects of their activities. When they made the right decision, they had the ability to see the positive repercussions. When they made the incorrect decision the gamers were faced with adverse consequences and had no person responsible however themselves. The favorable message the motion picture communicated was that lives can be transformed right through self-control, hard work and the building of personality.


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