How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back on Course

The first thing you must do to learn about this problem is to cease all communications with your ex. This helps for 3 reasons.


Those last few moments of bliss with your girlfriend turned quickly to the acidic taste of bile in the back of your throat when she told you the relationship was over. Anger, hurt, frustration and confusion were all feelings that coursed through your body in a matter of seconds, cluttering your mind with what you should do next. Right now, your life feels like a train off the tracks and now you want to get it back on course.

The first thing to realize is a breakup was probably the best route for your relationship.  It will give you time to take a step back from the situation, learn more about yourself and your now ex-girlfriend.

The first thing you must do to learn about this problem is to cease all communications with your ex. This helps for a lot of reasons.

- You both get time to mend any harsh, bitter or hurt feelings over the breakup or even the cause of the breakup.

- There is less likely of a chance of creating more tension when you're not constantly calling or sending emails.

- It gives you the time to think about how to get your ex girlfriend back.

The next step to getting your ex girlfriend is to think about what could have been the cause for her needing to leave you. Analyze her reasoning and consider with an open mind if she was right. Perhaps you started to lapse in helping around the house and that started making her feel like a maid. There could be several reasons she felt she needed to break things off with you. Think back to what she said and learn to change yourself for the better. By doing so, you will have a better shot with getting back with her.

The third step to recapturing her attention and affection is to maintain your appearance - socially and physically. Stay fit. In fact, use some of the adrenaline from your strong emotions to push yourself to a new level of physique. Maintain happiness with your friends. When she sees that you can still stand on your own two feet, she's going to find that attractive. By letting yourself derail, she's going to turn away faster than you can say, "relationship". 

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