Accurate Object Scanning With EinScan-Pro 3D Scanner


With the introduction of modern 3D scanning technology, there has been a wide revolution in the desktop 3D printer market and mainly undergone a similar transformation across all the devices. In fact, it is a much easier option for using the less expensive as well as an excellent option for capturing high-quality 3D images. With the introduction of 3D scanning technology, it is a much easier option for scanning the whole image on the go. The portability of the scanning machine becomes highly expanded and gained a hefty presence in many numbers of countries. EinScan Pro 3D scanner mainly allows the user to easily capture the complete data for converting them into the digital 3D model. This is mainly suitable for commercial applications and consumers across manufacturing, designing, engineering, and testing across various aspects.


  • Scan faster
  • More accurate
  • Ideal for high-quality 3D modeling
  • Truly portable
  • Versatile handheld 3D scanner
  • High-precision results
  • Small to medium size objects
  • Accuracy reaches up to 0.04mm
  • Handheld HD Scan modes
  • Generates high-resolution 3D data

Why Choose The Einscan-Pro 3D Scanner?

Normally, the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner is one of the most amazing products that allow the user to easily access physical objects for finding the better conceptualizing for creating the starting point to model the Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Mainly this Scanner mainly captures the colored and textured objects that mainly range from 0.03m to 4 meters. EinScan-Pro 3D scanner is mainly the most comfortable and ergonomic design making it a perfect option for choosing long-lasting projects. It weighs about 0.8kg or 1.76lbs. Using this lightweight and handheld portable scanner could mainly create the better-fitting parts and accurate output models with the CAD system. EinScan Pro is compact in size and lightweight, so it is completely versatile and portable. It is more ideal for scanning the small-to-medium-sized objects so that it would offer different 3D scanning modes that includes


  1. Handheld Rapid Scan Mode
  2. Handheld HD Scan Mode
  3. Fixed Scan Mode

EinScan Pro has the high-end capability for processing more than 1,500,000 points per second (30 fps), so this device mainly has the HD scanning mode in a more efficient way. This mainly supports the wide range of alignment modes such as

  1. Feature alignment
  2. Markers alignment
  3. Manual alignment
  4. Turntable coded targets alignment

Handheld Scan:

With the use of 3d model scanner, it would be easier for scanning the small to medium size objects using the ultimate 3D scanner. The EinScan-Pro is mainly the high end multi-functional 3D scanner that offers high-end accuracy as well as portability with various Modes.

3D Scanner.jpg

Automatic Scan:

Normally, this Scanner mainly has an Automatic scan feature the 360-degree scan within 90 seconds in a more significant way. It also mainly have high-end aspects suitable for getting accurate aspects.

Free Scan:

Normally, it is mainly enabled with the high-end scan head that has been mounted on the tripod for ensuring the accuracy with the ease of use aspects. You can get comfortably scan the whole object accurately with the free scan mode.