Easy Tricks to Get Your Ex Return Your Call

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When you have been dumped, it can be difficult to get your ex back but even more difficult to get them to return your phone calls. Yet, the best way to deal with those relationships problems is to have some sort of clear communication between the both of you. Yet, getting him or her on the phone can be rather hard.


Start doing this by stop leaving some many messages on his/her answering machine or voicemail message. You may even want to stop e-mailing them. It will get to the point that he or she will just delete the message once they hear it’s you or see that you sent them yet another message without even listening or reading it. For this reason alone, you can have a tough time getting through for their attention.


If you really want to get him or her to call you back, you need to find something that will get them interested. Saying “I love you” repeatedly doesn’t work so you need to find something that does. It’s less likely you will get a return call through this saying so you need to find a less stressful message to leave that will get them curious.


Try using something such as: “Hey thought I would call and see how you were. I wanted to tell you thank you too. You really turned my life around by what you did. If you have a chance, give me a call back so I can thank you in person.”


Now doesn’t that sound attention grabbing? Your ex will wonder how it helped you out and they’ll be calling you to find out. Curiosity will end over their conscience. Yet, you better find out what you are going to say before you leave that message. If they call and you don’t have this idea well thought out, you are going to look like a fool. If you want to get your ex back, it’s best to have some sort of plan before your initial call.


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